Amazon Account Audit


Who is this service for?

Established consumer brands who are already selling on Amazon through Seller Central, Vendor Central or Vendor Express but not seeing the expected results.

What level of insight is Bobsled providing?

Bobsled will provide a comprehensive overview of every aspect of your Amazon account. We’ll deliver a report contained detailed optimization recommendations in respect to operational performance, product listing optimization, advertising campaign spend and brand protection.

Which Amazon marketplaces can Bobsled work across?

Bobsled can provide support for Amazon's US marketplace ( via your chosen Seller or Vendor platform. We can also review your presence on Amazon Canada ( or any of the Amazon Europe marketplaces (Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Italy and/or Amazon Spain)

When can I expect the project to start and finish?

The audit report will take approximately three weeks to complete. You will review our findings at the completion of the project during a 1-hour conference call with the Bobsled project team.

What happens after the audit is delivered to me?

We will include a proposal for ongoing Bobsled support within our audit report. However, you will be under no obligation to use Bobsled beyond the initial audit.

Why should I partner with Bobsled?

Our team of specialists have completed several account audits, setting our partners up for long-term success on the Amazon platform. Read about a Bobsled account audit success story here.

What is the price?

A detailed quote will be delivered to you once the Bobsled Sales team has received all the relevant details regarding the scope of your existing Amazon account (number of products, number of new products to be launched, number of Amazon marketplaces).



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This client had been selling on Amazon for a number of years to moderate success, so we began collaborating with the client to see how copy could be leveraged to immediately answer common concerns about the product and also create better keyword strategies.



For the same producer of wireless TV listening systems, we conducted a comprehensive audit, using our findings to restructure the client's campaigns and make a plan for removing unauthorized sellers.