Case Study:
New Brand Launch on Amazon


This manufacturer in the bedding category had a well-established and successful wholesale business.

But when it came time to launch a new consumer-focused brand, they didn't want to waste the momentum generated through their Kickstarter campaign.

Skipping the learning curve

The owners of the company recognized that they were too busy with the operational aspects of launching the brand, and couldn't realistically devote the time and effort required to get the best results out of selling on Amazon. 

So they turned to Bobsled Marketing to ensure that the brand was expertly launched and optimized according to best practices.

The Strategy

Bobsled Marketing launched the assortment on Amazon in mid-October 2015. In addition to our usual product launch strategy, we developed & implemented a "Friends and Family" email campaign for the client's existing customer list, which drove a significant volume of traffic and sales to the brand on Amazon, quickly driving up the organic sales rank.

Bobsled Marketing Case Study - Results

The launch was so successful that the client actually had issues with keeping their inventory in stock! Today, even with their most popular products being periodically out of stock, they are averaging sales of 30 units per day and have recently partnered with Bobsled Marketing to also launch an entirely new line of home products.

I have been really pleased with the Bobsled Marketing team. I knew the project would be a special challenge, but I only have great things to say about the Bobsled Marketing team.

— Anne Coelen, Director of Marketing, eCommerce at Playboy Enterprises

Case Study 2:
Optimize existing Amazon account

After having little success on Amazon through their own efforts, this client decided to outsource their Amazon channel development. Even with an established brand off Amazon, their products were barely registering any traffic and just weren't selling. 

Once engaged, we added 28 new SKUs to the product selection on Amazon. Product uploads are a tedious yet important task: when done correctly, each item requires extensive keyword & competitor research, optimized product descriptions, and intelligent selection of product & lifestyle photos.  

To kick-start organic sales, we ran a promotion on the listings to generate a large volume of sales and genuine customer reviews, shown on the chart as a large spike in both traffic and product sales. In the next 1-4 weeks, this promotion activity generated over 70 product reviews, which are crucial to building trust and generating more sales. 

Case study 1

Through daily reviews of the account, performance tracking, paid ads, and inventory management, we've generated a snowball effect of reviews & sales on this client's products. Each week we see an overall improvement in overall unit sales, revenue, and traffic. 

As we closed out the 3-month launch engagement, the client retained us to continue managing their Amazon sales channel. There are more opportunities for growth including adding complementary products to encourage cross-sell, and undertaking more experimental methods for increasing revenue and profitability on their account.

TRNDlabs nano drone
Bobsled Marketing is a great partner. The team is responsive and experienced with all things Amazon, and truly care about driving results for our brand.
— Gerard Nieuwenhuis, Founder of TRNDlabs


We have been impressed by Bobsled Marketing’s weekly contact and checklists throughout the process, and look forward to growing this business together
— Jim Dygas, Owner of Urban Accents

The Amazon Account for this Craft & DIY brand was averaging just a few sales per week in early 2015. Through our proven Amazon Launch and Optimization Strategy, we increased the average conversion rate on their listings and significantly increased order volume.

For niche products in the Home Improvement and Arts & Crafts category, traffic is lower than high-interest items. So conversions really matter! Once a prospective customer lands on their product listing, they need to immediately understand the value of the product and how it will help solve their issue. 

I Like that lamp orders case study.png

To increase the conversion rate on these listings, we employed these strategies:

  1. Consolidating standalone listings as variations of existing listings. By having all available product variations (size, color etc) on one listings rather than many, product reviews are consolidated for all available variations.
  2. Optimizing keywords. We methodically research which search terms customers are using to search for similar specific products.   
  3. Optimizing product listing copy. Using the high-value keywords we uncovered in the research, we re-write the product listing bullet points and description to maximize searchability, while also developing a need in the customer's mind and communicating how the product will solve their problem. 
  4. Competitor Analysis. We use proprietary software to determine which competing products are selling well and analyze their listings to learn why. We can estimate the average weekly sales of competitors and use this as a baseline or target to hit with our clients' products.
  5. Optimizing product images. There are 9 available slots for product images, and Sellers should be using all 9 to sell a story - whether it's solving a problem or deepening an aspirational need, a picture is worth a thousand words.   
Kiri has done an outstanding job helping us out with our Amazon strategy. She’s incredibly thorough, thinks outside the box, and is very detail-oriented. She’s also awesome to work with, which is the most important factor for me!
— Melonie DeRose, Co-Founder of Fe Fit

Want to see these kind of results in your business?



We had been putting off the idea of launching our products on Amazon because of the competition in our categories. From my first call with Tom and Kiri I could tell that they had the experience and skills to help us launch our products effectively.

I had a few setbacks with suppliers but they kept busy and we had a very successful launch. There are 400,000 sellers in our category and after only a couple months with them we are ranked in the 20,000s and its getting better daily. Its amazing that Amazon is so powerful and that Bobsled knows the ropes so well.

We have more than doubled our sales with that first product and we plan to have Bobsled help us with many more launches. They have been great at everything from research to customer service!
— Tyler Condie, Founder of Rugged Material