Amazon Sponsored Products, An Introduction [Slideshare]

Amazon's Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform can be an extremely efficient way to drive traffic to your product listings. By targeting specific keywords and search terms, you can target customers who have are looking for products like yours.

PPC allows your products to potentially show on Page 1 of search results.... a huge benefit for newly launched products, which usually need a boost to start driving organic sales. 


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This Slideshare presentation covers:

  • What are Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon
  • Ad Placements (where your ads might show up)
  • How Ads benefit sellers in terms of ROI
  • The 3 main types of keywords
  • How much to spend on Amazon PPC Ads
  • When to implement ads as part of your product launch strategy

Planning, implementing and optimizing a profitable Ads campaign is a core part of the Bobsled Marketing Product Launch Service. So if you're looking for expert help with launching your product on Amazon or optimizing your existing assortment, contact us today!