Amazon Weekly News: September 11, 2017

Time once again for this week's Amazon news roundup! If you're an Amazon merchant, take a look. It's always good to keep an eye on the news with such a fast-moving platform. I curate a selection of news updates each Monday, which you can sign up to receive right here.


POLL: Where will Amazon's #2 HQ be?
Amazon has announced that it’s looking to a establish a second Amazon HQ in the US or Canada, setting off a frenzy of online speculation. This office will be a ‘full equal’ to its existing head office in Seattle. Place your bets! Check out Bobsled's private Amazon Channel Mastery for Brands Facebook group to pick the best city.


Amazon sets up shop in New York

Amazon announced last week that it's planning to open an order-fulfillment center in Staten Island, New York. This means even faster deliveries for NYC. (Yay!)

According to CNET:

"The Staten Island-based facility will be the first in New York state and will account for more than 2,250 new, full-time jobs 'with opportunities for employees to engage with advanced robotics,' the company said in a statement. Employees will work with their robo-companions to pick, pack and ship customer items."


Myer Australia Follows Kohl's Lead

Hot on the tail of the announcement about Amazon devices being sold in 10 Kohl's stores in the US, Myer Australia announced its partnership with Amazon to do the same.

As I said about the Kohl's deal, I think this is short-sighted on the part of these retailers. Inviting Amazon into their bed will not help them to attract or retain these customers—it just propels them into Amazon's flywheel.


See Amazon's biggest acquisitions

This infographic from CB Insights tells the story of how Amazon’s acquisitions strategy is helping the conglomerate take over vast quantities of the retail and technology systems.

Whole Foods was far and away the biggest deal that Amazon has led, so far at least. But collectively, these technology, entertainment, and retail platform acquisitions have allowed Amazon to hurtle toward Jeff Bezos' goal of becoming "The Everything Store."

The Prime membership program comes with so many wide-ranging perks that Bezos once quipped that not having a membership would be considered "financially irresponsible"—and the steady stream of strategic acquisitions that bolster Amazon's Prime program and underlying fulfillment systems is a testament to this vision.

That's it for this week's news update. See you for the next one!