Careers at bobsled marketing

Powered by a global team of retail marketplace experts, Bobsled Marketing specializes in implementing performance growth on the Amazon marketplace for established consumer product brands. We accomplish this through product listing optimization, PPC, brand protection, and operational account management on the Amazon marketplace.

We work with manufacturers, startup hardware brands, and international consumer brands wanting a local partner to help them skip the learning curve of selling on Amazon. Our clients and prospects value the fact that we focus 100% on Amazon, and the deep experience of the team. We're a premium provider in this space, with clients who choose to work with us because we have a great reputation in the market. 



Our Values


  1. Tell it straight. Good things happen when we are honest.

  2. In it together. Helping out our teammates and clients, positive attitude, being likeable.

  3. Get it done. Personal organization, prioritizing efficiency in our processes and systems, and resourcefulness.

  4. Innovate or die. Having a growth mindset, prioritizing learning and problem solving.



What our employees say about working at Bobsled

Organization. People with Type A personalities love it here. We have dozens of Standard Operating Procedures, templates, and documentation. Operations efficiency is at the core of the company and everyone helps to identify better ways of doing things. Slack, Asana, and the Google Apps suite are our daily bibles to make sure we get the important work done. 

Flexibility. While the work we do is important, it's not the only thing going on in our lives. Having flexible hours and the ability to work remotely mean you can do the things that are important to you, whether that's catching your kid's music recital at 2PM on a Wednesday or traveling and working in a new country.  

Collaboration. Our culture is very collegiate and supportive. We give virtual 'tacos' out on Slack to recognize great work and ideas. We choose to hire primarily for remote positions, which means we can find the best people in the world for each job. Working with a team of A-players is very rewarding.

What are the three most motivating things about working at Bobsled Marketing?
1. Knowledge Center - we are supported and guided in most every task we take.
2. Tacos - a silly thing but silly is good
3. Every team member is given the space to do their job. We are thoroughly trained and then trusted to execute.
— Bobsled Marketing Project Manager
What are the three most motivating things about working at Bobsled Marketing?
1. Great bosses, that entertain questions thoroughly and patiently, and share their knowledge.
2. Excellent team mates that are willing to work alongside you - there’s no sense of “that’s not my job”. It’s encouraging to have strong camaraderie.
3. Endless challenges that make work exciting. Amazon itself is a monster, but this is the first job where I’ve ever had a question on how to truly slow down sales.
— Bobsled Marketing Project Manager


Open positions





Our hiring process

As a Topgrading company, our hiring processes are unusually thorough. In addition to the usual interviews, we ask candidates about their entire career - all your successes, mistakes, key decisions, and important professional relationships. Finalists are asked to arrange personal reference calls with former managers. 

The benefits to high performers who apply are many:
1. You’ll join a company with almost all high performers
2. Career opportunities with Bobsled Marketing  are unusually good because so many high performers continue to grow the company
3. Within weeks of joining us you will receive comprehensive coaching to help you assimilate smoothly into Bobsled Marketing, perform very well quickly, and begin formulating your Individual Development Plan to help you grow. 



We're always looking to fill our ranks with people who are resourceful, have a lifelong love of learning, and align with our company values! If you're interested in working at Bobsled Marketing, send your cover letter and resume to