Get on the fast track and become our Content Marketing Manager.

Get on the fast track and become our Content Marketing Manager.


Content Marketing Apprentice, 2017

  • Start in June/July 2017

  • 12 month commitment

  • Remote position

  • Work in a fast growing company in the exploding ecommerce industry


Bobsled Marketing is a digital marketing agency which makes Amazon revenue growth simple for consumer brands. We accomplish this through product listing optimization, PPC, brand protection, and operational account management on the Amazon marketplace.


Founded just 2 years ago by a solo founder, Kiri Masters, Bobsled Marketing now has 15 team members, more than 30 clients and millions of dollars in monthly revenue under management. These clients are established brands which span the gourmet food, electronics, beauty, and home categories - they are successful outside of Amazon and are looking for a trusted partner to take charge of their growth on Amazon.


Bobsled’s own growth has exploded in 2017, and the fuel behind that growth is content marketing. Now I’m looking for an aspiring marketer to manage our content and inbound marketing strategy. You’ll be coordinating, promoting, and ultimately developing industry-leading content in a variety of mediums.


This is the perfect position for someone with loads of potential who needs their first big “break” as a content marketer. You’ll receive training and coaching for all elements of the content marketing strategy that you’ll be delivering on, so it’s OK if you currently have limited online marketing experience. But an underlying passion for written, visual, and audio communication is critical.


Read more about the concept of Apprenticeships and how they typically work.   


What will I be doing?

Assume responsibility for our current content marketing processes:

  1. Managing content (blogs, guest articles, white papers, videos, slideshares) production: from developing a content brief with an internal expert, to coordinating with a writer, editor, and finally developing the accompanying creative visuals, publishing, and promoting the content. Audit and improve our existing content. Ultimately, you’ll start writing your own blog posts.

  2. Create engaging slides for client presentations & speaking engagements.

  3. Create visual graphics for blog posts, video thumbnails, social media updates etc, using our visual branding guide.

  4. Create and set up content upgrades (opt-ins).

  5. Manage social media accounts including a Facebook community.

  6. Analyzing the performance of our content and ROI. Work these learnings back into our marketing strategy.


Work on some big, meaty projects:

  1. Assist with a major re-branding project and updating the website

  2. Implement a Marketing Automation program (Active Campaign)

  1. Launch a podcast - maybe :)


Training & management provided:

  • You’ll report to and work primarily with Founder/CEO Kiri Masters. Learn more about Kiri here.

  • You’ll develop a very strong relationship with the Sales function (Marketing always serves Sales!). Listen in on calls and meet with sales team regularly to tease out buyer motivations & understand the customer journey. Integrate these learnings with content marketing.

  • You’ll learn a ton about the burgeoning online retail industry, through both osmosis and dedicated study. The US is in the midst of a “Mall-pocalypse”, with many consumers now preferring to shop online. It’s estimated by 2020 that 50% of all online sales will be through Amazon. Your future in this industry is very bright, and you’ll develop a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities for brands, merchants, and service providers alike.

  • Self directed learning to implement new software tools and workflows. You’ll take many online courses and be reading lots of blogs to figure things out & stay current!

  • Depending on your location, get paid to attend a relevant virtual or in-person conference for you to build your skills and network with other marketers (e.g. Hubspot conference, traffic & conversion summit, social media examiner conference).


Skills needed

  • Strong writer - you can communicate with clarity, and know how to lay out an argument. There will be a test project during the application process, but you’ll get major points if you can show me content that you’ve published on the web that has received traction.

  • Visually creative - you can lay out a good looking graphic using a style guide. Again, work samples will be collected and/or a test project to help you demonstrate this.

  • Systems / software minded - you’re constantly thinking of process improvements & automation.

  • Resourcefulness - if you don’t know how to do something or something’s just not working, you just go ahead and figure it out.


The more you can showcase these skills in your cover letter and work history form, the more you’ll stand out as a candidate.


Here are a few more things that aren’t required, but would be helpful:

  • Experience working for a company that serves other mature businesses (B2B)

  • Experience working in the ecommerce or retail industry

  • Conversion rate optimization experience

  • Marketing automation experience


About Bobsled Marketing

Our team is pretty diverse, ranging from ex-schoolteachers to MBAs to marketers with 10 years of experience. What people love working about Bobsled is a collegiate work environment, flexibility and balance, and the fact that we’re super organized for such a small company (very important to all the type-A people on the team!).  


Our entire team is remote, with most folks based in the US and Europe. We work together (and with clients) using Slack, the Google Apps suite, Asana, and good old phone calls!  


We have an aggressive growth plan for 2017 and beyond:

  • 1 year goals: develop a robust partnership program, aggressively target Vendor (enterprise level) clients, become a leading Amazon PPC agency, and launch an online training program

  • 3 year target: 300 client accounts

  • 5 year target: $5M in revenue and break into the Inc 5000 list


The culture at Bobsled reflects the values that we have as a company:

  1. Tell it straight. Good things happen when we are honest.

  2. In it together. Helping out our teammates and clients, positive attitude, being likeable.

  3. Get it done. Personal organization, prioritizing efficiency in our processes and systems, and resourcefulness.

  4. Innovate or die. Having a growth mindset, prioritizing learning and problem solving.


Where will this Apprenticeship lead?

If all goes well in 12 months - in a full time permanent job offer as Marketing Manager at Bobsled! 


During your apprenticeship you’ll build real-world, highly demanded skills which will carry you far in the online marketing world. Being able to communicate well, implement big projects, and use all the tools and apps that we do will make you a very attractive candidate for significant online marketing roles. So if this isn’t ultimately for you, we will be able to identify and recommend other positions for you to work with great growing companies. Or, if you want to strike out on your own entrepreneurial venture, I will be happy to coach you.


But, the ultimate goal of this apprenticeship is for us to find and train someone who can implement and grow our marketing platform over several years. 


Other requirements

  • While you can work on your own schedule, you need to be available for at least 3 hours / day on EST for training and meetings during the first 3 months

  • No side projects (i.e starting your own business or having other clients) during the term of the Apprenticeship.


To Apply

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