When you sign on to work with Bobsled, you’re getting access to the most carefully assembled team in the industry. Each member of that team has specific, repeated experience helping brands like yours to scale on Amazon.




Kiri Masters, Founder & CEO

Kiri Masters is the Founder & CEO of Bobsled Marketing, a digital agency created to help consumer product brands grow and protect their Amazon marketplace channels.

After a successful career as a commercial banker at JPMorgan Chase, Kiri launched her first e-commerce business on Amazon. Recognizing the enormous potential of the channel, it wasn’t long until Kiri decided to build a team of true Amazon experts and provide a platform for brands that were looking to grow.

Her entrepreneurial mind and passion for ecommerce, allowed Kiri to become a strong voice in the Amazon world. Today she is the author of ‘The Amazon Expansion Plan’ and a contributor on where she writes about Amazon from a brand’s perspective.

Kiri is also featured on the RetailWire panel of retail experts, a co-host of the Ecommerce BrainTrust podcast and the winner of a Silver Stevie® Award for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Julie Spear, Vice President of Operations

As the very first Bobsled employee, Julie has launched hundreds of products for new and established brands on Amazon. Julie's work as Vice President of Operations entails accountability for the results of Bobsled’s work with clients, ensuring that project teams are delivering results efficiently and effectively.

Prior to joining Bobsled, Julie was the Program Director for a large private school in Chicago. Julie saw the school through growth of over 500%.

This experience helped Julie to grow her strategic planning skills to facilitate an organization's planned growth, while also supporting teams and holding true to the organization’s vision and values.

Julie calls Cleveland her home. She is also the co-host of the Ecommerce Brain Trust podcast with Kiri Masters.

“My background in education and counseling also helps me ask the right questions to get to the essence of an issue and help find solutions.”

Tom Crosthwaite, MARKETING Manager

As co-founder and Sales Manager, Tom spends most of his time listening to our prospective clients to understand the unique conditions that affect their brands on Amazon and earning their trust by demonstrating how an effective Amazon channel strategy can help them achieve their revenue goals without hurting brand perception.

Beyond his current role at Bobsled, Tom has a background in digital marketing and is an Australian native who now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Tom Frame.png

Saied Ghaffarian, Sales MANAGER  

Saied is a passionate problem solver with a penchant for getting things done. Highly motivated, charismatic and adaptable with success creating and nurturing brands for startups worldwide.

Prior to joining Bobsled, Saied was the Director of Sales & Marketing at Ethnic Lanna, a Thai manufacturer of Handbags, Clothing and Apparel. There, he managed a catalog of 10,000 items across 16 online storefronts including ebay, etsy, alibaba, and Amazon.

Before moving back to New York and joining Bobsled, Saied worked as a Project Manager at the software company AMZ Tracker. He worked side by side with sellers to provide insights into listing performance, ranking, and developing strategies and writing content with a focus on maximizing revenue. Saied prides himself on his ability to listen really well.

“Before Bobsled can help any client, it's important to understand their needs and the unique challenges they face. Every account is unique. If you're not listening to a client, you won't know how to help them.”


Brittany spent four years working for one of the largest third-party retailers on Amazon and specialized in account management, with a portfolio of roughly three hundred brands. Her love for the online world began at the University of Montana where she was the first student to graduate from the Social Media Management program.

As an expert in onboarding new clientele, she transitioned to a lead sales role and focused on cultivating partnerships specifically for the Amazon platform, as well as international markets. Brittany was intricately involved in organization, training, and innovation within her department and brings to Bobsled the same passion for building long-lasting relationships through bootstrap measures and creative initiatives.

Brittany's years of experience within the retail space on Amazon provides fresh insight to the brands she connects with and allows for a genuine understanding of the pain points that naturally come with selling on the marketplace. Her love of relationships, creative thinking, and problem-solving made for a natural transition into the Sales Manager role at Bobsled.



Emily joins the Bobsled Team with over a decade of progressive experience in recruitment marketing and team development. Starting her career in B2B sales, she worked directly with clients to address their challenges & needs for increasing brand recognition.

Moving from Sales into Operations, Emily became a Client Project Manager, and was then promoted into a Program Manager & Team Manager to provide direct oversight and guidance for ensuring quality delivery and growth of key accounts. Emily brings with her the knowledge and passion for building, coaching and growing effective teams.

When not at work, Emily enjoys all of the benefits her state of Colorado has to offer: hiking, skiing, camping and being out in nature with her family!

Bobsled Marketing Team.png


A Team of True Amazon Experts

If you’re facing challenges, chances are we’ve confronted and overcome that challenge in the past, and we’ve likely developed a streamlined and proven process for consistently addressing that challenge quickly and effectively. That’s the power of working with a company where every member of the team is a skilled Amazon expert with knowledge and experience you can trust.



Louise Gray, Client PROJECT MANAGER

Louise oversees the Client Services team and is accountable for delivering results to our clients efficiently and effectively. With an MBA in Marketing and Finance, Louise is in tune with client priorities and works with Client Project Managers to create long term strategies for them on Amazon. 

In a past life, Louise worked at Sony PlayStation, managing production resources and schedules for multi-million-dollar video games. Louise is also a published writer and is a certified Project Manager through the Project Management Institute. Louise supports the Bobsled team from sunny San Diego, California.

Jesse Chembars, Client Project Manager

Jesse joined us with an extensive background in e-commerce project management, having worked with both branded and private label products. He's worked with numerous marketplaces like Wal-Mart, eBay, Sears, Jet, and, most relevantly, Amazon.

Jesse is highly analytical, having earned a degree in business administration, and likes to let the data in client accounts tell its own story. 

He is truly passionate about helping businesses grow and educating ecommerce sellers on the nuances of Amazon. He has made it his personal mission to stay on top of all Amazon news and trends - a daunting task for some but a motivator for Jesse! He calls Georgia home.

Jesse Frame1.png

Lauren Sutehall, Client Project Manager

Lauren has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She is an experienced Project Manager and team leader. Her background includes international work as a Senior Consultant for Deloitte where she optimized product listings by assessment and expansion of Deloitte's global Products and Solutions Storefront.

Detail oriented and curious, Lauren loves the unique challenges Amazon can present. You can count on her to dedicate herself to researching and advocating for her client needs on Amazon until a solution is found! Lauren’s extensive experience in data analytics is a great fit for analyzing the world of Amazon and determining ways to help our clients’ product sales grow.

Armin Alispahic, Client PROJECT MANAGER

Armin has substantial experience in e-commerce, especially with Amazon. His expertise covers all Amazon selling platforms and he has worked with clients across multiple Amazon marketplaces. On a daily basis, he identifies and troubleshoots critical performance issues for clients while keeping an eye out for growth opportunities. 

With his vast knowledge of the intricacies of the Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms, Armin is quick to answer client questions and successfully troubleshoot the unexpected that can arise when selling on Amazon. Beyond his role at Bobsled, Armin has earned a master's degree in English Language and Literature, and he makes his home in Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Joanna Frame.png

Joanna Otto, Client Project Manager

Joanna Otto was a Amazon Brand Specialist and Associate Vendor Manager before joining Bobsled in 2018. She worked with over 100 Vendors to create merchandising plans, conduct financial analysis of business growth opportunities, and leverage marketing outlets to increase exposure and SEO for her assigned accounts. During this time she worked primarily with apparel and footwear brands, one of the most complex categories on Amazon.

Joanna's direct experience of working with Vendors within Amazon's closed systems allows her to quickly benchmark and execute on business opportunities for Bobsled's clients.

"In 4.5 years at Amazon, I have developed an "Amazonian" mentality and exercise deep diving, thinking big, and earning trust of others."

Jennifer Hozer, Client Project Manager

Jennifer has spent the majority of her career in the entertainment industry. From the Ellen DeGeneres Show to NBC, her skills as a producer, and as an executive growing a licensing division within the network, tapped her expertise in business strategy, marketing and project management.

Her entrepreneurial spirit lead her to Amazon and she never looked back. She successfully launched a brand of French born baby products with great success. Over the last few years she ran her own consulting company helping clients achieve success in revenue growth and brand awareness through her creative solutions and results-oriented strategic vision.

Jennifer is passionate about problem solving, always looking for solutions that will improve any situation for her clients so they can realize their goals. She calls Los Angeles, California home.


Rachel Frame.png


Mandated by performance, driven by data and passionate about all things Amazon, Rachel comes from a leading retailer within the online marketplaces and has worked tirelessly to help hundreds of brands market their products on Amazon. A digital marketer at heart, her analytical approach to the marketplaces ensures that all objectives are measurably accomplished and geared towards long-term success.

Rachel welcomes both change and challenge, knowing that obstacles and success paths are fluid on Amazon and require continual strategic management.

Sheldon Keegan, Client Project Manager

Sheldon joins the team with a broad range of marketing experience from the music, tourism and nonprofit education industries. In these roles, she was tasked with managing complex projects with many key stakeholders and achieved measurable success for her clients.

Now, she applies these diverse experiences to her work at Bobsled Marketing and thinks creatively to help her clients find a strategic Amazon marketing approach that fits their unique offering.

Sheldon enriches her work environments by leveraging clear communication strategies, defined processes, and an occasional well-timed pun.

Sheldon 2.png

JORDAN RIPLEY, Client Project Manager

Jordan is a digital marketing and management professional with years of experience overseeing product strategy and performance advertising budgets for enterprise-level brands’ ecommerce channels.

Prior to joining Bobsled, he managed the SEO, SEM, SaaS, and channel management teams for a top-five Amazon seller. No matter the challenge at hand, Jordan loves learning the intricacies of complex processes and using that knowledge to help teach others.

After spending most of his career working in the ad agency and tech industries in Austin, Texas, Jordan now lives in Spokane, Washington where he enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and anything in close proximity to nature.



Stefan Jordev, PPC Manager

Prior to Bobsled, Stefan managed digital advertising campaigns at the Swedish software and consulting company Seavus, worked on a master's degree in E-business, and became a thought leader in the online marketing space, having written for several top industry publications.

His multidisciplinary digital marketing background includes Bing ads, AdWords, lead generation, email & social media marketing, and certification in Google Adwords. Since joining Bobsled, Stefan has helped grow and shape our PPC team into known experts in the world of paid search. Dedicated to helping others stay on top of Amazon’s growing paid search sphere, Stefan is a true subject matter expert and frequent contributor to Bobsled’s blog.


Will Haire, PPC Manager

Will is a responsible for managing and growing our clients’ paid search results at Bobsled. Will is a certified Google Partner and as a digital marketer, his portfolio includes companies like Upglobal, OneWayLimo and the Smithsonian Channel.

Will has worked in different capacities supporting digital marketing efforts for startups and businesses of all sizes. He is a flexible, organized and data-driven PPC Manager who is skilled at identifying key metrics to target in order to achieve growth.  He enjoys collaborating with Bobsled team members and his clients to meet account goals.

“I am metrics driven and a proponent of the Lean Analytics system of marketing. My strength lies in my ability to manage expectations, manage interpersonal skills and execute on digital strategies to achieve company objectives.”


Prior to joining Bobsled as a PPC Manager, Ioana worked as an advertising account manager for dozens of brands on Amazon.

Ioana takes the time to understand her clients' products and advertising goals, making for productive partnerships. Ever the student, Ioana's love of learning and curiosity ensure she stays on top of Amazon's advertising trends and changes.

Data-driven, Ioana is at home in excel, analyzing the numbers to determine the best strategies for continued growth in her accounts.  She loves traveling, and her current home is in Romania's beautiful city of Constanta.



Nikola is a PPC Manager certified in digital marketing through HubSpot Academy and Google AdWords. He has also completed & achieved his Amazon Advertising Certification through their DSP platform, formally AAP. Before that, he worked as a High School teacher for several years. His major subjects to teach were Entrepreneurship and Business Administration. 

Most recently, Nikola is working as an Amazon PPC Manager, helping clients to reach their revenue goals through paid ads on Amazon. Nikola has a master degree in finance and business administration and in his work he is highly creative and detail oriented. He lives with his dear family in Subotica, Serbia.

“In my work I am highly creative and detail oriented.”

Aleksandar Gadjovski, PPC Specialist

Aleks’ background in internet marketing, specifically Google Analytics, Adwords and SEO, combines his prior interests in programming and economics. At Bobsled, he creates and optimizes Amazon advertising campaigns in Vendor and Seller Central for his clients.

He also has a bachelor's degree in E-business and is part of the local mountain search and rescue team in his home of Ohrid, Macedonia.

“I am a member of the local Mountain Search and Rescue Unit, and I can say with confidence that I know how to be a team player and work under pressure when the stakes are high.”

Alex Frame 1.png



Stefania Pilindavic, Client Account Specialist 

Having spent nine years as an English language teacher, Stefania can create order in environments where it didn’t previously exist, something necessary when navigating the latest changes or programs from Amazon.

Stefania holds a BA in English language, but believes that there is more to people than just a piece of paper. If such a degree existed, Stefania would have a phD in time management and organization. Give her an hour working with a new account and Stefania will have brought order and a new system in place! Clients are consistently impressed with her ability to maintain a high-energy focus on delivering them results. She makes her home in Novi Sad, Serbia.

“I consider myself to be resourceful, committed, and a problem-solver.”

Stefania Frame.png

Danica P.png

Danica Petrovic, Client Account Specialist

Danica’s background in customer service gives her the patience needed to navigate Amazon’s complex systems while keeping our client's product listings looking perfect.

The ultimate team player, Danica can be counted on to contribute her skills wherever needed.

Beyond her role at Bobsled, Danica has earned a master's degree in ecology, and enjoys volunteering for ecology groups.

Her home is in Belgrade, Serbia.

Aleksandra Frame.png

Aleksandra Pavlovic, Client Account Specialist

Prior to joining Bobsled, Aleksandra worked as a marketing coordinator at a regional IP law firm, before which she worked as a translator for a local news agency and the U.S. government.

She has a degree in Business Administration and loves travel and sports, particularly tennis and basketball. She supports Bobsled from her home in Skopje, Macedonia.

“I am resourceful (I always try to find answers to problems by myself before asking for help); curious with a desire to learn new things; and ambitious so that I constantly work on myself to improve my skills and add to my knowledge.”

Olivera Bojovic, Client Account Specialist

Olivera is insightful, analytical and meticulous. Her advantage is five years of experience in the Customer Care industry where she mastered communication between clients and end users.

Before joining Bobsled, she worked as a team manager at the customer service provider Sitel, where her main focus was on quality and customer satisfaction. 

Currently Olivera is also pursuing a PhD diploma in Italian philology.

Olivera Frame.png

Zlatana Frame.png

Zlatana Pejovic, Client Account Specialist

Meticulous, focused on details and highly responsible, Zlatana is continuously motivated for providing the best client service in a day-to-day changing world of Amazon.  

Her previous work experience in customer service has strengthened her patience and commitment to fulfilling clients’ needs. 

Zlatana has a Bachelor of economics, is a dedicated team worker, persistent and analytical. Zlatana supports the team from her home town of Belgrade, Serbia, but considers herself a global citizen and enjoys travelling, hiking and photography. 

Ivana Kosovac, Client Account Specialist

Ivana’s previous work experience as a mentor and as an educator has refined her ability to assess and care for the needs of clients and their customers.

Quick to respond to any performance issues, she is a determined problem-solver with an open mind to new methods. Ivana enjoys the variety of tasks working on Amazon offers from the administrative to troubleshooting the unexpected.

When she’s not traveling, Ivana supports Bobsled from her home in Morović, Serbia.


Marija Zarkova, Client Account Specialist

Creative, communicative and a real problem solver, Marija always strives for a happy client.

Her previous work experience in Customer Care and Marketing has given her a unique set of skills that helps her get the job done in the most efficient and simple manner. 

When she is not helping our clients master their Amazon game or traveling the world, you can find her reading books or taking walks with her dog. 

She supports our team from Skopje, Macedonia.


Saima joins the team with an extensive background in customer care. She spent six years working in the United States cruise industry, committed to fulfilling clients’ needs and expectations. She is a devoted team player, a patient individual who can find the opportunity in even the most challenging situation.

Along with her work with the Bobsled Team, Saima is pursuing degree in Mechanical Engineering. She also enjoys spending time with her family and loves walks in the nature.

Her home is the beautiful Zenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina.




Analytical mind and focus on details are the traits which feed Milica’s constant hunger for knowledge. Her work experience as a technical administrator in a counselling program moulded her sensitivity for clients needs.

She has earned her master’s degree in Psychology and afterwards continued constantly upgrading her skills by engaging in various trainings, courses and volunteering activities.

Milica loves helping others and currently satisfies this need by volunteering as an expert associate for a parenting website. She is situated in Novi Sad, Serbia.


Katarina has worked a range of social oriented and project management tasks in German Association "St.Gerhard" in Serbia, where she acquired customer care and several troubleshooting skills.

Later on, she has worked as a data analyst for a UK based company in a quite large remote based team, which showed that she's a great team player.

Katarina has a masters degree in Educational Media design and spends most of her time at home with her boyfriend and two cuddly boxers in a small city of Sombor, Serbia - where she was born and raised.




Sergey Flid, Finance Specialist 

Previously an auditor at KPMG, Sergey's financial accounting background translates well into the data-heavy world of Amazon marketing. At Bobsled, he supports the rest of the team with bookkeeping, business reporting and analysis from his home in Kiev, Ukraine.

He is adept at listening to the internal and client reporting needs, gathering data and pulling it into a user-friendly, workable form. Sergey has a Bachelor degree in Accounting, Taxation, and Audit, and is completing his Masters degree in the same field.

“My personal motivation, desire to implement existing knowledge and to learn new things, a willingness to become better in my professional area and to have fun working remotely with awesome team all over the world - all this brought me in Bobsled.”

Sergey Frame.png


Andra Frame 1.png

Andrada Mîia, Marketing Assistant

Andrada has a background in Digital Marketing and Digital Business Development and she is passionate about visual and written storytelling. A young professional discovering the world of digital business every day.

Andrada is an open-minded professional, dedicated to learning and engaging in purposefully designed projects. 

Andrada is currently pursuing a Masters Programme in Digital Business in Sweden at Jönköping University, and her goal is to learn to create beautiful experiences around products and services that we all value and love. 


As a Topgrading company, our hiring processes are unusually thorough. In addition to the usual interviews, we ask candidates about their entire career - all your successes, mistakes, key decisions, and important professional relationships. Finalists are asked to arrange personal reference calls with former managers.



If you're interested in working for Bobsled Marketing, we would be happy to evaluate your application. You can send your cover letter and resume to Julie Spear.