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Amazon consultant Kiri Masters CEO Bobsled Marketing


Kiri spent the early part of her career in commercial banking before falling hard and fast for e-commerce.

Learning the Amazon ropes with her own product company in the crafts niche, she now helps other brands quickly grow their revenue online.

Kiri is a self-professed Amazon nerd. Read more about Kiri here.



Sales Manager Tom Crosthwaite Bobsled Marketing


Tom is a senior and pivotal member of the Bobsled team. Tom was the very first Project Manager on the Bobsled team, and now advises prospective clients on how an effective an Amazon channel strategy can help them achieve their revenue goals. 

Contact Tom at



Julie Spear Operations Manager Bobsled Marketing


Julie has been with us right from the beginning, as the very first Bobsled Marketing employee! Since then, Julie has launched hundreds of products for new & established brands on Amazon as a Project Manager. These days Julie oversees all Client projects. 



Joy Bastawrous Project Manager Bobsled Marketing


With 15 years of experience in digital marketing & project management, Joy brings a depth of knowledge and structure to client engagements.

Having worked as an independent marketing consultant for 5 years, Joy also understands the unique challenges of business owners.  



Louise Gray Amazon Marketing Expert Bobsled Marketing


In a past life, Louise was a Project Manager at Sony, managing 6 and 7 figure project budgets. Today, she helps brands to implement cutting edge strategies to grow sales on Amazon. 

Louise has an MBA in Finance and Marketing. 



Rachel Wagers Project Manager Bobsled Marketing


Rachel is a driven Amazon FBA expert with a lot of hands-on experience under her belt helping brands launch in the marketplace and growing their revenue from $0-$300k/year in only a couple of months.

Coming from a digital agency background, Rachel knows how to listen to a client’s goals and customers needs to create a product launch strategy that works.



Jesse Rooplal, Project Manager Amazon Bobsled Marketing


Often called a "Jack-of-all-trades", Jesse is appreciated, both by us and our clients, for finding solutions. Having a keen eye for detail and a background in Information and Project Management, Jesse is not shy of going the extra mile to ensure clients' business goals are being met.  

Being a problem solver, in his spare time, Jesse is often tackling home DIY projects.



Lori Dinkis - Project Manager Bobsled Marketing.png


Lori is a longtime e-commerce professional with a reputable career in project management, both online and offline. She finds navigating the intricacies of the Amazon platform and working with companies to develop their brand management strategy very rewarding.

Lori comes to Bobsled Marketing with a diverse project management background in industries like Food and Beverage and Retail, as well as Legal and Education.



Danica Petrovic, Bobsled Marketing Amazon Account Associate


Danica brings to the table a valuable background in customer service, a sunny attitude and a clear focus on solutions.

Danica ensures our clients’ product listings look perfect and that their customers are happy.



Amazon specialist  Armin Alispahic Bobsled Marketing


Armin has substantial experience in e-commerce, specifically with Amazon. He is one of those people always striving for improvements, knowledge and perfection. Whatever the challenge, Armin handles it.



Amazon specialist STEFANIA PILINDAVIC Bobsled Marketing


Stefania’s background in education gives her an edge in clear communication and problem-solving. Her high-energy focus on results and developing solutions makes her a fan-favorite of our Clients (and their customers!).


Jelena Djordjevic  

Account Associate

Jelena Djordjevic  Bobsled Marketing Amazon Specialist.png


Jelena is a data analyst wiz, translating even the most complicate Amazon performance data to clients. She has consistent experience with customer service struggling with Amazon’s unique dashboards and issues and she’s able to troubleshoot whatever is thrown her away. In her spare time, you will find Jelena blissfully enjoying jazz music. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get the chance to hear her sing. 



Monica Badiu Amazon Marketing Experts Bobsled Marketing


Monica’s past experience in PR, content, and social media marketing brings a level of polish and consistency to Bobsled’s own marketing efforts. Monica has the prolific productivity of a whole team of marketing experts, and we’re glad to call her our entire marketing department.


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Increase your Amazon revenue profitably and predictably with professional advertising campaign management from our expert Amazon PPC team.

Amazon PPC expert Stefan Jordev - Bobsled Marketing.png


Stefan Jordev - PPC Specialist

Bobsled Marketing’s resident AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) Expert. Stefan has a multi-disciplinary digital marketing background including Bing ads, Adwords, lead gen, email & social media marketing. Stefan is Google Adwords Certified and a MSc in E-business management candidate.


8 Differences between Amazon Sponsored Products Ads and Google Adwords - In this blog post we cover the main differences between Google Adwords and Amazon Sponsored Products - the ad platform for brands on the Seller Central (direct to consumer / FBA) system.


How PPC Is Different on Vendor Express Compared with Seller Central - Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) offers targeted PPC advertising solutions to help Amazon vendors reach new customers and drive sales. Unlike Seller Central (offering only Sponsored Products ad types), the main advantage of AMS is that vendors can use two additional ad types: Headline Search Ads and Product Display Ads.

Amazon’s Pay Per Click Services: Our Predictions for 2017-For those of us using Amazon, it looks like, in 2017, we’ll continue to see pay per click advertising, or PPC, as a crucial component of our sales throughout 2017. However, while we can count on the importance of paid advertising to remain constant, we are anticipating some big changes and updates to Amazon’s PPC platform.


Why Your Brand’s PPC Ads Aren’t Showing on Amazon - In this article, Stefan Jordev, PPC Specialist at Bobsled Marketing, explains the four common situations why ad campaigns are not ranking to their full potential. He dives deep into each of the following, identifying the most common factors which may be responsible for slow performant ads.



Lazar Zepinic - PPC Specialist

Certified in Adwords Search, Display and Mobile advertising; Google Analytics; Bing ads. Lazar has 5 years of experience in the tech industry, including SEO, social media management, UI, and PPC.

Read Lazar's Blog Posts:

The Full Guide to Selling Grocery & Gourmet Foods on Amazon - With the launch of Amazon Go (Amazon’s convenience store concept) in Seattle last week, it’s clear that the online food & grocery category is a ripe opportunity for brands. In this blog post we take you through the Ungating process for brands looking to sell in Grocery & Gourmet Foods on Amazon.


14 Ways to Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns - A lot of factors can affect PPC performance, and they might not be visible in your raw PPC metrics. Without the proper knowledge to work with, you’ll be unable to make the correct changes to your PPC campaigns and get meaningful results for your growth strategy. Our PPC expert, Lazar Zepinic,  developed an easy-to-follow checklist for brands that want to take back control over their PPC performance and ensure their campaigns are both effective and efficient.


8 Differences between Amazon Sponsored Products Ads and Google Adwords - In this blog post we cover the main differences between Google Adwords and Amazon Sponsored Products - the ad platform for brands on the Seller Central (direct to consumer / FBA) system.

Troubleshooting for Underperforming Amazon PPC Campaigns And When Should You Start Expecting Result - Whether you're an old hat or a brand new PPC advertiser on Amazon, you want your ads to be generating expected results. In this article, our PPC expert Lazar Žepinić explains why you’re not getting results from your Amazon PPC campaigns, what you can do to improve your strategy and how long should you wait before starting to see a ROI.


What is Amazon’s Bid+ and How Can it Work for You - Did you know that you can increase the opportunity of your Amazon PPC ads to appear in the top row of search result pages just by turning on one feature? That’s the idea behind Amazon’s Bid+ feature, which increases your maximum cost per click (CPC) bid by up to 50 percent to help reach that top, high-conversion billing.

Amazon PPC expert Alex Gadjo Bobsled Marketing.png


Alex Gadjovski - PPC Specialist

Digital marketing consultant by trade, Aleksandar's passion for keywords and data gives him an edge in detailed keyword research and managing PPC ad campaigns to increase conversions & revenue for our clients.

Read Alex's Blog Post:

The Full Guide to Selling Grocery & Gourmet Foods on Amazon - With the launch of Amazon Go (Amazon’s convenience store concept) in Seattle last week, it’s clear that the online food & grocery category is a ripe opportunity for brands. In this blog post we take you through the Ungating process for brands looking to sell in Grocery & Gourmet Foods on Amazon.

The Amazon PPC Recipe: Smarter Campaigns for Gourmet Foods - The most difficult task in selling food products on Amazon is figuring out how to win at PPC and deal with strong seasonal oscillations in sales volumes and competition. Bobsled Marketing PPC specialist Aleksandar Gadjo shares tried-and-true PPC strategies that have helped our clients overcome strong seasonal fluctuations in sales volumes and stay competitive in a cutthroat category.

Brent PPC Amazon Consultant Bobsled Marketing



Brent rode 4,600km across the United States on a bicycle in 2012, and bike touring is his main reason for doing anything at all, really! 

Lucky for us, a secondary passion is crunching data on Sponsored Products ads for our clients, dialing in results and squeezing out ever more ROI. 


Getting Started with Amazon Sponsored Product Ads - Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) is a cornerstone element of our Product Launch Service here at Bobsled Marketing. This short video covers Brent's Top 5 Tips for getting started with Amazon PPC. Let us know what questions you have about advertising on Amazon (and subscribe to our channel if you haven't already)!

Why Your Amazon PPC Campaign Is Failing and How to Change That - Utilizing the power of PPC and implementing Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are sure-fire ways to boost your discoverability and to build your brand. Besides simply generating more revenue and increasing your ROI, paid advertising has been shown to boost organic (non-paid) Amazon rankings and sales, which have a greater long-term impact on your brand’s success.

6 Mistakes Brands Make with Amazon Sponsored Products Ads -  Because Amazon is such a dominant force in the online retailing space, brands of all types can generate enormous revenues by selling their products through the service. Even better, collaborating with Amazon on their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program, called Amazon Sponsored Products can yield highly-qualified traffic to your product listings and increase those margins. Brent Zahradnik, Amazon PPC consultant, sees brands make six common mistakes when it comes to their PPC strategy on Amazon.

How much should I spend on Amazon PPC? - Our PPC Specialist Brent spends every day setting up, analyzing, and optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns. He discovered a rule of thumb that helps sellers to estimate what their ad spend should be for Amazon Sponsored Products which we call the 25/25 rule.


"Your offer is not eligible for advertising" - Troubleshooting Amazon PPC Eligibility Issues {Video} - Amazon Sellers and Vendors sometimes encounter issues with their ad campaigns showing. Kiri and Brent discuss common reasons for ineligibility, as well as a surprising situation that's specific to Vendors who are using the AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) advertising platform.

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