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The Powerful Components of a Successful Amazon Strategy

Our job, simply put, is to help our client brands to scale on Amazon, and we’re proud of our record of doing exactly that. To that end, we leverage our team of expert Amazon consultants to provide key services that target our goals of optimizing your approach, accelerating your sales, and protecting your brand.

No finite list of services can capture our full array of techniques, as we’re always innovating creative ways to get results for our clients, but on this page, we’ll highlight some of our most needed and effective services.

To find out which of our services could pay the largest dividends for your brand, request a consultation. If you qualify, one of our Amazon experts will speak with you and illustrate exactly how the Bobsled system can get you where you want to go.



Amazon Audit


Find your footing and chart your course with an expert Amazon audit

Just like a skilled bobsled pilot masters each course she confronts, our team has spent years plotting paths to success for our client brands. That starts with understanding exactly the situation you’re confronting, so we can plan the exact techniques and strategies to get you beyond your sales goals as quickly and safely as possible. To that end, we provide comprehensive account audits at the outset of our services. 

As part of our account audit, we’ll analyze every aspect of your Amazon account with respect to operational performance, product listing optimization, advertising campaign spend, and brand protection. After putting our best minds to the task, we’ll deliver a detailed report diagnosing critical issues and outlining steps toward better results for your brand.

Why are your Amazon results what they are? How could they be better? Our account audit will answer those questions and recommend steps for growth.



Channel Management & Optimization

Put your Seller or Vendor Central account in the hands of experienced, caring, and qualified experts.

When it comes to managing your Seller or Vendor Central account, our goal is to remove entirely from your brand team the burden of the admin tasks, customer service, and marketing strategy related to your Amazon account, while providing consistent, clear, and comprehensive feedback so you always know the status of your account. The result? We leverage our experience and expertise to get you results. You can focus on the other important aspects of your job and watch the results stream in.

What are we doing to get those results? We’ll optimize your account and monitor it continuously, so we can apply continual adjustments as needed to ensure that you maximize your ROI, while maintaining perfect seller metrics and protecting your brand from counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers along the way.


With our Amazon experts on the case, you can rest assured that you are getting the maximum out of your Seller or Vendor Central account.


Product Listing Optimization


Improve organic search rankings and boost your revenue with perfect product listings.

The way you build your product listings, Amazon A+ pages, and Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon influences both how high Amazon ranks your product when providing search results to shoppers and how often those shoppers purchase your products. Considering how important each of those objectives are, it becomes clear that improving the quality of your listings can make a massive difference in how profitable your brand can be on Amazon.

Bobsled’s expert team will use your product assets to optimize both the front-end and back-end of product listings from an Amazon SEO and on-page conversion perspective. You’ll be able to watch your products rise spot by spot in search results, and more importantly you’ll see the corresponding improvement to your brand’s bottom line.



There is definitely a market for your products. Make sure your product listings are optimized and boost your revenue today!



Amazon PPC



By carefully optimizing your product listings, monitoring your performance, and managing your advertising spend, our Amazon PPC specialists will increase your Amazon revenue. We’ll help you identify keywords to target, target  those keywords on your product listings, and help set the appropriate bid amounts to achieve your revenue and ROI targets.

Whether you’re using Seller or Vendor Central will determine whether you’ll use Amazon’s Sponsored Products or AMS platforms for acquiring clicks. While the details are different on each platform (we’ve got the details covered), the overall principles remain the same: by making better choices when deciding which clicks to target and placing bids, brands can control their costs while targeting their sales targets. Our experienced team has the expertise to make those better choices, which will make for a noticeably better return on your brand’s Amazon investment.


Stefan Frame 1.png

Stefan Jordev, Bobsled PPC Manager

Your Amazon PPC strategy is likely costing you too much and leaving sales on the table. Let us help you get those sales at a cost that works for you.



International Launch


Take your existing brand to eager international shoppers.

Amazon is available all over the world, and thanks to Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program, you don’t have to set up international distribution channels to handle fulfillment. However, each international Amazon marketplace offers its own challenges and opportunities. With our International Amazon experts, we’re here to handle those challenges while helping you identify and leverage those opportunities to open your brand up to new international revenue streams.

If you’re new to Amazon, we can set you up in the US marketplace, as well as Amazon Canada, Australia, and any of the European Amazon marketplaces: UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. If you’re already selling on one marketplace, we can handle setting you up on any of the others with accounts and product listings optimized for those audiences and languages.

Bobsled can multiply your pool of target shoppers and your sales by optimizing your brand for international marketplaces.

Brand Protection


Accelerate your sales on Amazon while keeping your brand safe and under control.

Like its namesake, Amazon is a massive, undeniable resource, but there are lots of pitfalls and dangers along the way. Think of us as your trusted river guides. We’ve helped brand after brand to unlock Amazon’s massive sales potential, while helping protect them against the damage caused by unauthorized retailers and counterfeit products. We’ll do the same for you.

We’ll monitor Amazon for third-party sellers that might do harm to your brand. We’ll work diligently to restrict unauthorized sellers whenever possible. Our goal for our clients is to deliver them the full sales and revenue upside Amazon provides, while effectively mitigating the risks that come with the territory.

Amazon has demonstrated that it really doesn’t care about protecting your brand. But we do. We’ll do everything that can be done to keep your brand safe while boosting your sales.

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