Paid Advertising Management


What is the Paid Advertising Management service?

There are many challenges for brands operating as vendors and sellers on Amazon. Bobsled’s Paid Advertising Management service satisfies four core goals:

  • Grow Amazon revenue through paid advertising (profitably)

  • Efficient campaign management

  • High-level insight and reporting

  • Save our clients huge amounts of time


Which Amazon marketplaces does Bobsled support?

We provide Paid Advertising Management on Amazon’s North American, European and Australian marketplaces. This includes non-English markets e.g. Amazon Germany. For many of our clients we manage their advertising spend across several Amazon marketplaces simultaneously.


How does it work?

There are four components to a successful Amazon presence, as depicted by the following iceberg graphic:

  • Paid Advertising

  • Organic Marketing

  • Brand Protection & Customer Service

  • Operations

For more information about the "Bobsled Iceberg" approach to Amazon full channel management, click here.

In a Paid Advertising capacity we focus on developing profitable campaigns using Amazon’s native advertising tools in order to generate more awareness and revenue across the product catalog. Our clients continue to manage all Operations, Brand Protection & Customer Service and Organic Marketing tasks in-house.

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Why should I partner with Bobsled?

Our team has launched and manages thousands of products on Vendor Central and Seller Central.
Here are some brands we have worked with:

Case Studies:


When is the right time to bring in Bobsled?

Bobsled has experience with brands of all sizes across a multitude of product categories. Whether you are newly-launched, or an established presence generating millions in revenue per month, our guiding growth principles remain the same. Read more about Bobsled’s direct impact on existing Amazon accounts here.


What is the price?

A detailed proposal will be delivered to you by your Bobsled Sales representative once all the relevant details regarding the scope of your account (number of marketplaces, size of the product catalog, level of service required) has been gathered.