Account Specialist


Does this describe you?

  • I have a high level of attention to detail - in fact, a bit on the
    perfectionistic side!

  • I’m at ease using different computer programs like Google Sheets, Google Docs, and have no problem learning new computer systems

  • I love spreadsheets, checklists, and tracking things

  • I’m curious and like to find solutions to problems

Our fast-growing marketing agency is looking for Account Specialists who can say “Yes!” to all of these statements.

You would begin as a Contractor, targeting 30 hours per week, with the goal to move into a full-time position (40 hours/week) after several months. You should be available from 9AM - 12PM EST, Monday-Friday; the rest of your workday can be planned around your own schedule.

During the course of a week, you’ll be:

  • Conducting competitor and market analysis for clients and prospects

  • Checking operational & performance metrics for our clients on Amazon

  • Troubleshooting product listing issues on Amazon

  • Responding to customer feedback & questions on behalf of clients via email (note: there is no phone-based customer service required in this position).

  • Interacting directly with our Client Delivery Team regarding operational & customer service matters in our clients’ accounts

  • Ad-hoc internal projects such as writing and updating processes & procedures

  • Preparing weekly performance reports for clients

  • Conducting market research for our clients on new products & competitors

  • Keeping your Manager updated on your open tasks, which are managed through Basecamp (Project Management tool)

  • We also use Slack for daily team communication and updates

About the company

Bobsled Marketing is a boutique e-commerce agency that helps brands launch their products on Amazon and grow their online revenue. Our clients are in the Home & Kitchen, Sports & Outdoors, Toys and Games, and Clothing & Accessories categories.

Bobsled Team.jpg

Our team is based in the USA and Europe and everyone works from remotely from home.  We’re a close-knit team who care a lot about our client relationships. Solving problems and getting results together is something that everyone cares about. We all love to recognize each other’s work and have a rewards program in place where you can exchange peer recognition for prizes like paid days off.

Find out more about our company at

Hourly rate is $7 USD. Expected work hours are full time (30-40 hours/week).


Do I need any past Amazon or ecommerce experience?

No, we will teach you everything you need to know. We look for people who can think for themselves, solve problems, love to learn, are professional and friendly when communicating with customers, clients and peers, and are team-players. All of the technical skills will be taught - those character traits cannot.

What training will be provided?

Training is a combination of watching pre-recorded videos, reviewing processes, and shadowing other team members. We have over 50 Processes that we work from, and you’ll be trained on how to follow the critical ones. The rest are easy to figure out, once you know the basics.

Initial training takes about 2 weeks, before you will be expected to complete the daily and weekly tasks on your own.

Whenever we have a new process or initiative, we create a Procedure and train our peers on how to use it. This means we are all learning together and contributing to create better, easier ways of doing things.

All of the initial and ongoing training is paid.

What hours will I be required to work each day?

You will need to be online between 9AM EST and 12PM EST each weekday. Besides that, you can make up the rest of your work-week on your own schedule. (e.g. Perhaps you’re an “early bird” and start your day at 2AM EST and work until 5AM. Then take a break for 3 hours, and then work from 9AM-1PM. Or, if you’re a ‘night owl’ and want to just work from 9AM EST through til 5PM EST, that is also fine).

Where will I do my work?

From home, at a cafe, at the library, at a coworking space. Wherever you have a good, secure internet connection and can focus. We will provide you with a VPN if you’ll be using a public network (e.g. cafe wifi).

How will I get paid?

You’ll get paid twice monthly via Payoneer. You’ll track your time using a web app called Harvest, and be paid for all of the hours you have worked or spent in training for the prior 2 week period.

Application Process

  1. Send your resume to Emily Peterson:

  2. Complete our Career History Form

  3. Successful applicants will then complete 3 virtual interviews. We will also ask successful candidates for 2-3 professional references from past employers.