Amazon Display Advertising (DSP)



Amazon DSP (Formerly Amazon Advertising Platform, or AAP) is a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to programmatically reach audiences both on Amazon sites and apps as well as third party sites.

Amazon DSP has two primary benefits:

Exclusive Shopper Data

  • With 25 years of observing and collecting shopper data, Amazon is making exclusive first-party shopper data available to advertisers.

  • DSP blends programmatic advertising with performance marketing, enabling brands to track actual conversions and sales on

  • Ad inventory identifies and activates against powerful segments of Amazon shoppers with purchase intent.

Exclusive Ad Inventory

  • Ability to reach Amazon shoppers on Amazon sites, across the web and in mobile apps using Desktop and Mobile display ads, banner ads and in-stream video ads. Advertisers can display on Amazon webpages and around the web for discovery, and on competitor product pages during the buyer’s consideration phase

  • Reach Amazon shoppers based on past shopping behavior or interests, demographic segments and more

  • According to Amazon, 10X more high-intent shoppers can be reached with display advertising versus PPC alone


Bobsled’s DSP strategies

The two basic strategies we can leverage on the DSP platform are Brand Awareness or a Sales Driven strategy.
Both have their advantages.

Brand Awareness Strategy

A brand awareness strategy focuses on exposure metrics. These ad buys are for customers that want to expose a larger audience. We judge performance based on impressions, click-throughs and Detail Page Views (DPV).

Sales Driven Strategy

A sales driven strategy is focused on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). These ad buys focus on retargeting potential customers, remarketing to existing customers and targeting in-market customers. We judge performance based on ROAS. Ideal for advertisers who have maxed out their reach with Amazon PPC and are looking to expand further.

DSP challenges

DSP as a platform does have several challenges that potential advertisers should be aware of:

A) DSP offers great features which allow for almost instant increase in products and brands visibility but in general, its immediate return on investment is lower than AMS and SC ads in general. DSP is more suited to building brand and product awareness than driving direct sales.

B) DSP’s reporting is limited compared to the detailed reporting Sponsored Products have in AMS and SC. We have built out a dashboard at Bobsled which reports results as transparently as possible given the data available.


Why Bobsled Marketing for Amazon DSP?

  • Full Channel Experience

    Bobsled manages all aspects of a brand’s presence on Amazon (operations, brand protection, organic marketing and paid advertising), giving us deeper insight into factors that influence campaign performance. We can integrate campaign findings into organic marketing efforts (product detail page optimization, pricing, etc)

  • Competitive Pricing

    Compare our minimum spend & management fee (10% of ad spend with a $1,000-month minimum) to Amazon’s managed service: 15% management fee and $15k/mo minimum.

  • Tap the Bobsled Braintrust

    15 years of combined digital advertising experience across paid search and display advertising. 6 team members certified with Amazon’s own AMG advertiser accreditation. Bobsled currently manages Amazon advertising for over 50 brands across multiple Amazon marketplaces, and has been working with established brands on Amazon since early 2015.