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Kiri Masters, Bobsled Marketing CEO & author of The Amazon Expansion Plan

Kiri Masters, Bobsled Marketing CEO & author of The Amazon Expansion Plan


Thank you for taking the time to read "The Amazon Expansion Plan". I hope it proves to be a powerful resource for your brand’s growth on Amazon. I love sharing my  knowledge about ecommerce and  selling on Amazon - and the things we do every day for clients at  Bobsled Marketing.

Now that you started on your journey to improve your Amazon game, I invite you to make the most of the supplementary resources mentioned throughout "The Amazon Expansion Plan" and don't forget to sign up to our mailing list to get new guides as they go live.

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Going international could be the best move for your Amazon sales channel.

To help you identify the best opportunity for your consumer brand, our experts put together four country guides that make it easier to understand what you need to do to launch your brand on Amazon Canada, UK, Germany and Mexico. Guides go over the selling and importation process, the steps of registering your business in another country, as well as the costs of selling on Amazon outside the US.

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Selling on amazon canada

Thinking about expanding into Canada? This guide will inform you about selling taxes and importation processes, it will teach you how to register your business in Canada and provide you with a few helpful links to get you started.

Selling on Amazon UK - a guide by Bobsled Marketing experts.JPG

selling on amazon uk

Thinking about launching your brand on Amazon UK? You are going to want to read our dedicated country guide, where we talk about setting up your business, applying for VAT and EORI numbers, import fees and how much will it cost to sell on Amazon UK

“Expanding into new territories is an exciting, ambitious undertaking for any business. There are huge opportunities associated with entering a new market that has less competition (and customer bases that are eager for new purchasing options).

It’s critical, though, that you take a realistic approach to this expansion, both in terms of the amount of work that will be required to execute the plan, and the timeline it will take for you to get established.”
— The Amazon Expansion Plan
Selling on Amazon Germany - a guide by Bobsled Marketing experts
Selling on Amazon Mexico a guide by Bobsled Marketing experts

selling on amazon germany

Sprechen Sie Deutsch and you’re thinking Germany would be a great market for your brand? Read our guide on how to launch your brand on Amazon Germany and you will find out what documents you will need, how to register your business in Germany, what is VAT and how much will it cost to sell on

selling on amazon mexico

Amazon Mexico is a great opportunity for brands who are looking to diversify and grow outside of the US market. Read our dedicated country guide to find out about required steps to register your business in Mexico, selling fees and importation processes.


The Amazon for Business Program & Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

One of the most important things about selling on Amazon is understanding the perks and downsides of the many different programs available for brands. Each company should run some math to determine which program is a real opportunity for sales growth and brand exposure.

Guide on Amazon Business Seller Program by Bobsled Marketing Experts

THE Amazon for business PROGRAM

The Amazon Business Seller Program was launched in 2015, with an eye to capture some of the $800 Billion B2B ecommerce category.  This program is a great opportunity for Sellers, as well as for procurement officers in organizations. In our dedicated guide, you will find a quick rundown of the core aspects of the program and what type of business it is best suited to. 

Guide on Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime by Bobsled Marketing Experts


For companies that don’t have their own warehouse and retail order fulfillment capability, Amazon FBA might be a very convenient way to get started selling on Amazon. But those FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) fulfillment fees really add up, and most larger Sellers can fulfill customer orders for less. One thing has held them back until now: the Amazon Prime program.


Make Q4 the most profitable & enjoyable time of the year on Amazon

The fourth quarter of the year is, of course, the biggest time of the year for anyone in retail. In 2015, Q4 saw incredible growth on Amazon. Record number of units shipped worldwide with Amazon Prime, more than three million customers joined Prime in the third week of December, and Prime members shopped more than 30,000 Lightning Deals on with Prime Early Access. Amazon managed to ship over 200 million more items for free in the 2015 holiday season and Prime Now had its busiest day ever on Christmas Eve — delivering its last order of the day at 11:59 p.m. to a customer in San Antonio, Texas.


2016 Amazon Holiday Selling Guide by Bobsled Marketing Experts


The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year for Amazon sellers. 51% of the total e-commerce growth in Q4 2015 was attributed to Amazon. And for 2016, 47% of people have planned to do all of their holiday shopping there. Read our guide and learn how to create promotional strategies to make the most of this wonderful (and profitable) time of the year.

Amazon is receiving millions of units of inventory during this time, so by preparing your inventory and beginning the shipping process in September, you won’t get caught up in the glut of sellers frantically scrambling to get their inventory into fulfillment centers in November and December.

If you’re using FBA, apply for increased inventory limits to make space for additional units if necessary. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to be approved, up to a couple of days, depending on your seller history.
— The Amazon Expansion Plan

Import and logistics providers

Here are some providers of freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and other import/export services which past Bobsled Marketing clients have used.


An established, full-service international freight forwarder. Everything from US domestic overland freight, to international sea shipping to Europe. Also has a customs brokerage capability.


BGI Worldwide

Global and domestic freight management.


FBA Forward 

Specifically geared to service Amazon FBA sellers. FBA Forward handles customs clearing, packaging, and forwarding services.

Forest Shipping

Full service logistics and customs broker serving the US, Europe and Japan. Sea (FCL and LCL), Air and Courier freight available.


Cole International  

Specializes in USA - Canada trade. Handles Canada customs brokerage and freight forwarding, as well as regulatory compliance (GST registration & sales tax compliance, for example).


B2C Europe

Shipping, warehousing, and product returns processing.



Returns processing and repackaging


A US-based Fulfillment Provider who specializes in dealing with customer returns and re-packaging inventory. This is an important consideration for sellers located outside of the USA, since you're unable to have unfulfillable inventory shipped out of the country.


B2C Europe

Product returns processing and warehousing.


Accountant / Agent for VAT Registration (Europe)

NVK Group

Best contact is









Sales Tax Software (for US Sellers)

Integrates with your online stores and Amazon to calculate exactly how much sales tax you need to file in each State that you have nexus in. The program can even file the returns with each State on your behalf!

Be sure to discuss tax matters with your Tax Advisor or CPA.


International Currency Conversion, Payments & Remittance

When selling in international Amazon marketplaces, you can use the default Amazon Currency Conversion Service (ACCS), or you can work with a third party provider like Payoneer to access lower exchange fees, get faster payments, and receive payments to accounts that Amazon does not support. Payoneer can also be used to transact with suppliers and contractors.


Software to help manage your Amazon account

Restock Pro

Inventory and operations management tool designed for Amazon FBA merchants. In addition to streamlining shipments, purchase orders, and restocking decisions, the tool also monitors sales velocity, competitive listings and expected margins.


Hello Profit

A comprehensive dashboard for managing Amazon account. See your overall sales and promotions by product and variation.


This tool gives Amazon sellers the ability to proactively manage their feedback scores, and product reviews. Send emails to past Amazon customers to encourage reviews, get alerts of negative feedback and monitor trends over time.


Jungle Scout

This is a product research software that provides with the click of a button product's estimated monthly sales, Best Seller Rank, revenue, or other criteria that is critical in identifying profitable opportunities.








Great product images, great copy, and great product reviews. You want each of the elements that you can control to be working hard to win that sale. Make your product listing as appealing as possible to the most carefully targeted group of people you can find.
— The Amazon Expansion Plan


Cash Cow Pro

One of our favorite tools at Bobsled Marketing. Cash Cow Pro is a powerful tool which helps you run A/B split tests, do basic inventory projections, and automate follow-up messages to customers. For all the feature this program has, the monthly fee is well worth.


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