Amazon seller account

Your Amazon Seller Account is where you can list products, update product information, and manage inventory and orders.

Perhaps the best part of an Amazon Seller Account is where you see how much revenue your products have generated over the past 2 weeks!

But without proactive oversight of managing your Seller Account, you’re open to penalties from Amazon… or at least missed opportunities. 

Here are the things that successful Amazon Sellers do on a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis to continue building revenue, and prevent losses from competitors and hijackers.


Daily: check your vitals

Your Seller Rating is impacted by your responsiveness to buyer questions, returns, shipping delays, and other metrics. Never wait more than 24 hours between checking your key account metrics.

  1. Check for customer questions, and respond as soon as possible. Amazon penalizes you for not responding to customer questions within 24 hours.

  2. Respond to new product reviews & seller feedback. Especially in the case of negative feedback and reviews, it’s imperative to respond quickly and do damage control. Other potential customers will judge your company & product based on the speed and thoughtfulness of your response. You can dispute negative seller feedback if the feedback relates to the customer’s experience with the product, rather than the Seller; and if the feedback relates to a fulfillment experience which was handled by Amazon.

  3. Check inventory levels. Stock-outs are costly!



  • Keep current on policies and news. Amazon is known for a “shoot first, ask questions later” approach with policy violations. Policies change over time, so follow updates and announcements to avoid potential restrictions and suspensions. Sign up for the Bobsled Marketing Newsletter where we share lots of news and updates related to selling on Amazon.

  • Check competitor activity. Unauthorized resellers may ‘squat’ on your product listing and erode your good reputation; new competition may appear and bring new challenges.

  • Review your account for unfulfillable inventory, lost inventory, and file cases for discrepancies.

  • Review your sales numbers and look for trends & opportunities which can be captured through expanding your product assortment, bundling, or offering variations (new colors, sizes, etc)

  • Review Sponsored Product PPC ad campaigns.


Effectively managing and optimizing your brand’s Amazon channel is time-consuming,  and potentially overwhelming! Let us help you grow your brand’s revenue on Amazon. Contact us to talk about your current situation and how we might be able to help take your sales to the next level.