Amazon Strategy Coaching



In a time of significant disruption and opportunity, many companies are searching for the strategy and processes that can drive their business forward on Amazon.

There is a sea of information about Amazon located on the internet, but little of it is relevant to established consumer product brands and the service providers that support them. After supporting CPG brands with done-for-you services since 2015, Bobsled Marketing recognized that many of these companies wanted to in-house at least some of their Amazon channel management. New offerings include Amazon workshops for corporate clients and private coaching.


Who IS OUR Amazon consulting service suited for?

  • Established CPG brands who have an in-house team that handles Amazon, and wishes to build institutional knowledge to reduce their reliance on outside agencies.

  • Brands interested in tapping into the knowledge, skills and experience of an agency dedicated to Amazon in order to troubleshoot specific needs and improve overall account performance.

What do you get?

  • A brief assessment of your account

  • A complimentary kick-off call

  • Coaching calls with Bobsled subject matter experts

  • Recording of all consulting calls

How does it work?

Prior to the kick off call, Bobsled team members will conduct an assessment of your account, uncovering issues and opportunities through an “Amazon Iceberg” assessment.

  • Paid Advertising

  • Organic Marketing

  • Brand Protection & Customer Service

  • Operations

During kick off, the Bobsled team will meet with you to uncover details about your company’s goals and challenges on Amazon. Consulting sessions will be based on this assessment, in conjunction with your account’s unique (and sometimes timely) needs. Two members of Bobsled’s team will participate in each call, delivering a recording of the discussion within one business day of the discussion.

Why Bobsled Marketing for your Amazon Consulting Needs?

As Amazon experts with a four-year track record of success, we take a collaborative, consultative approach. Our purpose is to lend our Amazon expertise to your business needs to help you drive results.

Effective Amazon channel management demands a fundamental shift in how companies execute on operations, marketing and advertising. We’re focused on helping you get started and stay on top of the latest tactics, technologies, and industry trends.

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About Bobsled Marketing

Bobsled Marketing is in established digital agency that partners with global brands seeking transformative results in their Amazon sales channel. Recognized as a global thought leader in Amazon operations, marketing, and advertising, Bobsled Marketing provides consulting, training and services to consumer brands and agencies. The company is headquartered in New York, with a fully remote team of 25 Amazon experts located in the USA and Europe. Read more about Bobsled Marketing.