Specialty apparel brand skips the learning curve of launching on Amazon

Specialty apparel brand skips the learning curve of launching on Amazon

This specialty apparel manufacturer already had a thriving wholesale business and direct-to-consumer ecommerce brand. But they wanted to expand their reach and sales by launching on Amazon.

The project

The project was split into 2 phases: Pre-launch, where Bobsled provided coaching on all operational steps that would allow the client to send inventory to Amazon for sale; and a Launch phase where we began marketing and promoting the brand’s products to customers once they were live.

The learning curve was steep for this client. Despite having a successful online store and a thriving wholesale business, Amazon was unchartered territory. The client was able to lean on Bobsled coach them through the detail of every step along the way. This included critical details like creating compliant product packaging & barcodes, breakdown of Amazon’s selling fees, setting up new products, shipping inventory to FBA, and how to navigate Amazon’s Seller Central dashboard.  

During the launch phase, Bobsled Marketing set up 243 new product listings. Each page was optimized with conversion-focused product copy and images.

To kickstart sales of the product range, we initiated PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) campaigns, post-purchase email sequences for buyers, and developed a holiday promotion calendar that integrates with the brand’s wider promotion strategies.

apparel brand launch on Amazon seller central

The results

The client understands how the Amazon sales channel works, and how to effectively manage the key operational components.

Initial Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) of 29%. As data emerged, new ad groups were created and existing campaigns refined. Because of the large catalog, we feed the performance data back into the campaigns to determine which products/campaigns to focus on.

As of November 2017, the client is receiving over 600 orders per month through Amazon.