Spending Smarter (Not Just More) with PPC

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Product Category: Clothing & Accessories


The situation

  • Branded manufacturer of  laptop bags and attaché cases—a crowded and competitive product category on Amazon.

  • Had strong manual campaigns targeting broad keywords, but was overspending with high bids and bidding excessively on irrelevant keywords.

  • A lack of negative keywords meant these broad keywords were being triggered too often.

  • Overbidding was commonplace despite a lack of proven results.

How Bobsled Marketing helped

We began with a detailed analysis of the client’s PPC search term report, which was used to:

  • Create new ad groups with exact keywords.

  • Update the backend keywords in product listings, to improve the relevancy of auto campaigns as well as placement in organic search.

  • Add negative keywords to campaigns.


Beyond the specific campaign and bid related optimization, the project team also investigated how the product listings themselves could be optimized to improve clicks and conversions. For this client, we found that the product descriptions could be leveraged to immediately answer common questions and concerns about the products.

Executing this project quickly was critical, to ensure our strategy was in place well before the December holiday season.

The results

  • ACoS decreased from 40.19% to 22.58% in the first week of our engagement.

  • We systematically drove down CPC (cost per click) of ads from $0.25 to $0.14. This was in combination with increasing overall sales and decreasing daily spend from $76.85 per day to $28.77 from January to March 2017.

  • In December 2016, we helped the client earn $91,240 in total revenue, with $30,500 in revenue from ads at an ACoS of 22.82%.

  • December 2016 revenue was a significant leap over the same period the previous year, with $57,980 in total sales.

  • Bid costs have decreased by nearly 50% compared to the initial campaign setup.


Because we are in constant communication with this client, we are continuing the work to push ACoS below 20%. They have given Bobsled Marketing the freedom to experiment with A/B tests, varying titles, unique keywords, removing irrelevant keywords from the backend, and much more, to help them achieve the overall goal of competing against bigger brands with bigger budgets.