Client Project Manager

Joanna Otto

Joanna Otto was a Amazon Brand Specialist and Associate Vendor Manager before joining Bobsled in 2018. She worked with over 100 Vendors to create merchandising plans, conduct financial analysis of business growth opportunities, and leverage marketing outlets to increase exposure and SEO for her assigned accounts. During this time she worked primarily with apparel and footwear brands, one of the most complex categories on Amazon.

Joanna's direct experience of working with Vendors within Amazon's closed systems allows her to quickly benchmark and execute on business opportunities for Bobsled's clients.

"In 4.5 years at Amazon, I have developed an "Amazonian" mentality and exercise deep diving, thinking big, and earning trust of others."

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Jennifer Hozer

Jennifer has spent the majority of her career in the entertainment industry. From the Ellen DeGeneres Show to NBC, her skills as a producer, and as an executive growing a licensing division within the network, tapped her expertise in business strategy, marketing and project management.

Her entrepreneurial spirit lead her to Amazon and she never looked back. She successfully launched a brand of French born baby products with great success. Over the last few years she ran her own consulting company helping clients achieve success in revenue growth and brand awareness through her creative solutions and results-oriented strategic vision.

Jennifer is passionate about problem solving, always looking for solutions that will improve any situation for her clients so they can realize their goals.  She calls Los Angeles, California home.

Jennifer also joined us on Season 2 of the Ecommerce Braintrust Podcast where she shared her expert advice and knowledge. Tune in to enjoy more content from Jen.

Jesse Chembars

Jesse has an extensive background in e-commerce project management, having worked with both large established brands and private label products. Beyond Amazon, he also worked with other marketplaces including Wal-Mart, eBay, Sears, and Jet.

Jesse is highly analytical, having earned a degree in business administration focused on Finance, and likes to let the data in client accounts tell its own story.

He is truly passionate about helping businesses grow and educating e-commerce sellers on the nuances of Amazon.

Jesse has made it his personal mission to stay on top of all Amazon news and trends - a daunting task for some but a motivator for Jesse!  

Lauren Sutehall

Lauren has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She is an experienced Project Manager and team leader. 

Her experience includes international work as a Senior Consultant for Deloitte where she optimized product listings by assessment and expansion of Deloitte's Global Products and Solutions Storefront. 

Detail oriented and curious, Lauren loves the unique challenges Amazon can present.  You can count on her to dedicate herself to researching and advocating for her client needs on Amazon until a solution is found!

Lauren’s extensive experience in data analytics is a great fit for analyzing the world of Amazon and determining ways to help our clients’ product sales grow.

Rachel Street


Mandated by performance, driven by data and passionate about all things Amazon, Rachel comes from a leading retailer within the online marketplaces and has worked tirelessly to help hundreds of brands market their products on Amazon.

A digital marketer at heart, her analytical approach to the marketplaces ensures that all objectives are measurably accomplished and geared towards long-term success.

Rachel welcomes both change and challenge, knowing that obstacles and success paths are fluid on Amazon and require continual strategic management.

Armin Alispahic

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Armin has substantial experience in e-commerce, especially with Amazon. His expertise covers all Amazon selling platforms and he has worked with clients across multiple Amazon marketplaces. On a daily basis, he identifies and troubleshoots critical performance issues for clients while keeping an eye out for growth opportunities.

With his vast knowledge of the intricacies of the Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms, Armin is quick to answer client questions and successfully troubleshoot the unexpected that can arise when selling on Amazon.  He could be considered a one person Help Line!