Sales Manager

Saied Ghaffarian

Prior to joining Bobsled, Saied was the Director of Sales & Marketing at Ethnic Lanna, a Thai manufacturer of Handbags, Clothing and Apparel. There, he managed a catalog of 10,000 items across 16 online storefronts including ebay, etsy, alibaba, and Amazon).

Saied also worked as a Project Manager at the software company AMZ Tracker. He worked side by side with sellers to provide insights into listing performance, ranking, and developing strategies and writing content with a focus on maximizing revenue.

Saied prides himself on his ability to listen really well. “Before Bobsled can help any client, it's important to understand their needs and the unique challenges they face. Every account is unique. If you're not listening to a client, you won't know how to help them.”

Brittany Startzel

Brittany Frame.png

Brittany spent four years working for one of the largest third-party retailers on Amazon and specialized in account management, with a portfolio of roughly three hundred brands. Her love for the online world began at the University of Montana where she was the first student to graduate from the Social Media Management program.

As an expert in onboarding new clientele, she transitioned to a lead sales role and focused on cultivating partnerships specifically for the Amazon platform, as well as international markets. Brittany was intricately involved in organization, training, and innovation within her department and brings to Bobsled the same passion for building long-lasting relationships through bootstrap measures and creative initiatives.

Brittany's years of experience within the retail space on Amazon provides fresh insight to the brands she connects with and allows for a genuine understanding of the pain points that naturally come with selling on the marketplace. Her love of relationships, creative thinking, and problem-solving made for a natural transition into the Sales Manager role at Bobsled.