PPC Manager

Nikola Bashic

Nikola is a PPC Manager certified in digital marketing through HubSpot Academy and Google AdWords. He has also completed & achieved his Amazon Advertising Certification through their DSP platform, formally AAP.

Before that, he worked as a High School teacher for several years. His major subjects to teach were Entrepreneurship and Business Administration.

Most recently, Nikola is working as an Amazon PPC Manager, helping clients to reach their revenue goals through paid ads on Amazon. Nikola has a master degree in finance and business administration and in his work he is highly creative and detail oriented. He lives with his dear family in Subotica, Serbia.

“In my work I am highly creative and detail oriented.”

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Ioana Andries


Prior to joining Bobsled as a PPC Manager, Ioana worked as an advertising account manager for dozens of brands on Amazon.

Ioana takes the time to understand her clients' products and advertising goals, making for productive partnerships. Ever the student, Ioana's love of learning and curiosity ensure she stays on top of Amazon's advertising trends and changes.

Data-driven, Ioana is at home in excel, analyzing the numbers to determine the best strategies for continued growth in her accounts.  She loves traveling, and her current home is in Romania's beautiful city of Constanta.

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Ross Walker

Ross’s background is in digital marketing, developing top-level Amazon business plans and delivering data-driven growth for established B2B brands.

A complete data nerd with a passion for business, Ross is responsible for developing advertising strategy for Bobsled’s clients. He spends his time pouring over reports and getting creative with tactics to achieve your Amazon goals.

Ross has a competitive spirit and an analytical mind. His home is the beautiful city of Toronto.