Client SERVICES Director

Location: Remote

Schedule: Full Time

Salary Range: Competitive

Title: Client Services Director


Bobsled Marketing helps brands to launch and optimize their product line on
Our client base and team has grown very quickly in the past 12 months and we're looking for an additional Client Services Director who can oversee the daily operations of a team of Project Managers, PPC Managers, and Account & Data Specialists. The Client Services Manager (CSM) reports directly to the Operations Manager and will work closely with another CSM team member.

This position is accountable for overall client delivery outcomes as well as management of the team in terms of productivity, human resourcing, process improvements & training, and implementing new Bobsled Marketing programs. Excellent people management, organization and communication skills are a must.

So, how do you actually launch products on Amazon?

Our clients range from hardware startups to very established manufacturers who are only just beginning to sell online. We have clients all over the world from the Netherlands to Sweden to China to the Czech Republic.
We have established processes for launching new brands on Amazon which has proven to work very well. You'll learn all these processes and how they can be customized for specific client situations. Our team comprises other experienced Client Services Managers, Project Managers, Advertising Managers and Specialists who help us get everything done! 

Skills and experience

Applicants with relevant team management, Amazon Seller/Vendor and online marketing experience will be highly regarded.  But the most important things that matter in this position are:

1) Communication

Your written and verbal communication skills are strong.  You deliver information with clarity, ask questions and actively listen when interacting with others.  You are skilled at developing rapport with others. Your client communication is professional, timely and respectful. Your internal communication is concise, relevant and proactive, mitigating risks along the way and alerting potential escalations with a sense of urgency.

2) Leadership

You will be leading a team of up to 6 managers and 12 specialists. An effective director brings out the best in their team; coaching, empowering and delegating tasks so that each member feels invested in their work and dedicated to professional growth.

3) Organization

You must be a total pro at managing your own time, and in delegating & monitoring work to others. You understand the difference between being "responsible" versus "accountable" for work getting done.

4) Curiosity

You want to know why something worked and why another thing didn't. You must be really hungry to learn new skills and how things work. You thrive on finding creative solutions to problems. 

5) Empathy

Everything we do touches someone: a customer who buys the widget, your client who needs to know that their investment in this new project will pay off, and your team who also want to feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in their jobs.

6) Accountability

Our clients rely on us to be their trusted advisor and help meet their goals. The team relies on each other to get their own work done. "Doing what we say we'll do" is paramount.

7) Problem Solving

Taking a proactive approach to bumps along the road is critical. Working with the client delivery teams to identify, address and brainstorm solutions to challenges is vital to ensuring the long term success of our accounts.


Bobsled Marketing’s Values

While the individual competencies above are critical for success in the PM role, so is the PM’s ability to align with the 4 company values that drive our work.  Our values, both as we relate to each other on the team and with clients include:

1) Tell it straight. We are honest, direct and professional in our communication with clients and team members. We demonstrate integrity.

2) In it together.  While our team is entirely remote and our client interaction is through calls or messaging online, an emphasis on collaboration and partnership is clear in how we work.  We work together, with our clients and teams, to grow as professionals and push our client accounts on Amazon to new levels.

3) Get it done. We are accountable for our work and efficient.  We follow processes that enable us to manage our work and deliver fast, quality results for our clients.

4) Innovate or die. A growth mindset is key to success. We look for new ways to improve our own processes, our client experiences and the company as a whole.


Training Provided

Any new team member that joins Bobsled Marketing participates in a robust training program, aimed at introducing you to our culture, processes and the workings of Amazon itself.  The program includes a detailed curriculum, a 30-60-90 day plan with benchmarks, giving you the opportunity to integrate the information learned and put processes into action.  You will be teamed with another CSM who will act as your mentor and resource for information throughout the training period.

About the team & the position

Bobsled Marketing has a company culture that celebrates collaboration and teamwork.  While the team is entirely remote, we connect frequently throughout our days on Slack (a chat app, with calling feature).

Whether we’re sharing news about selling on Amazon, offering tips for account management, helping each other troubleshoot account issues, or sharing plans for the weekend ahead, we are a team that connects often.  

A group of self-professed “Amazon nerds,” we love digging into problems and investigating solutions. As a dynamic, evolving agency, every day presents new and interesting challenges and you are provided with the autonomy to serve as a trusted expert to a diverse book of clients. There is never a dull moment and always something fresh to turn your attention to. 

We are also a company that promotes work-life balance.   A flexible (yet consistent) schedule has enabled our team members to live the life they aim to live while pursuing a career that is exciting and challenging.  Whether you’d like to be able to pick your kids up after school, or to travel more often, the flexibility that comes with the remote nature of our team has allowed our team members to achieve their personal goals.  We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk when it comes to work-life balance.

The Client Services Director should be available to work online during weekday mornings (EST) for internal and client-facing calls, training and communication. Besides that, the remaining work week hours are flexible.


Our full time / permanent employees enjoy benefits that include but are not limited to: unlimited sick days, 4 weeks paid vacation, health insurance, and support in their training and development aspirations. 


How To Apply

1) Send your resume to Emily Peterson at

2) Complete our Career History Form and email Emily Peterson once it’s completed.

3) Successful applicants will then complete 3 interviews with members of the Bobsled Team, including the CEO. We will also ask successful candidates for 3 professional references from past employers.