Product Launch Plan


Getting your brand noticed amongst Amazon's 400 Million other product listings is a challenge. Without a product launch plan, you can end up just spinning your wheels, wasting your team's time, and most importantly, losing potential revenue.

First, you have to understand what drives revenue on Amazon.

Amazon distributes sales amongst sellers by considering a few key factors: the most important one being sales velocity, or how many sales the product had in a recent period. If your product doesn't have any sales history, you will be caught in a 'Catch 22' situation. Your products will not show up in the search results alongside your competitors, and won't sell and products. And the cycle repeats itself.

So how do you break the cycle?


Product Reviews

Did you know that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? But less than 5% of customers actually take the time to write product reviews. We have relationships with Amazon's top-ranked reviewers, which we leverage to get genuine, thoughtful reviews for your brand. This results in greater trust, and a better conversion rate.

We also set up a post-purchase email sequence in the Amazon system, which gently reminds customers to leave write a review. This alone can double the rate at which customers leave reviews for you, creating a more trustworthy and established product listing.

Sales Volume

Because the Amazon product ranking algorithm uses recent sales volume as a key factor to determine which products show up on the first page of search results, most of our launch & optimization process is focused on building consistent sales quickly.

We generate a quick burst of sales for your products, by identifying the most effective and efficient ways to promote your products to interested consumers. This breaks the cycle of not having any sales…. And therefore continuing to not get any sales!

Seller Account Standing

There are other factors related to your Seller Rating which can dramatically affect your sales. Amazon will down-grade you if you don’t provide timely responses to customer questions and feedback, or if you’re late on shipping items. Watching over your Amazon Seller account daily to ensure you aren’t “dinged” is something that must be taken seriously, and is a core part of our consulting package. We have your back, every day!


Amazon's paid ads platform, "Sponsored Products", can be an extremely effective way to drive high-quality traffic to your product pages. Done correctly, the ROI of paid ads can't be beat. Our in-house Amazon Ads Specialist manages the Ad campaigns for our clients and ensures they are properly optimized.

Optimized Product Listings

Amazon shoppers are discerning. Throwing up a product page with bad images and poorly communicated benefits is going to have your buyer clicking onto a competitor's listing right away. We write product listings that sell, and guide you on effective product and lifestyle images to include. And our optimization is backed by real numbers! We use A/B Split Testing to develop the very best product listings.

Keyword Optimization

What words do shoppers use when they search for your product, or even your competitors products? Amazon is ultimately a search engine, so understanding what consumers are searching for is critical. We analyze search patterns and feed the findings back into your products listing, back-end, and PPC campaigns.


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