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At Bobsled Marketing, every action we take is carefully calculated to achieve one goal: maximizing our clients’ return on their Amazon investment. All of our experience, all of our Amazon expertise - none of it would matter if it didn’t contribute meaningfully to our clients’ bottom line.

Our techniques and systems are built toward that goal, and we’re proud to say that we have a long and well-earned record of achieving exactly those sorts of results. On this page, we’ve collected stories and statistics from some of the brands we’ve worked with. Take a look, and remember: we’re always ready to start writing a new success story with you.


We leveraged the holidays to boost this brand’s sales by 837%

When we began working with this gourmet food brand, it became clear they weren’t properly leveraging the giftable nature of their products. While largely dependent on holiday sales, they weren’t in a position to take control of how their products were viewed and purchased around those holidays. By optimizing their product listings for holiday keywords, streamlining and adjusting their PPC campaigns, and pairing their products with conversion-focused copy and Enhanced Brand Content, we were able to boost their visibility when it counted.

The result? From September to December 2016, their sales increased by 837%. In 2017, their ACoS (advertising cost of sales) of 26% is less than half of what it was in 2016. This client is selling more and it’s costing them less. That’s the power of Bobsled’s Amazon expertise leveraging the holidays to find, target, and convert motivated shoppers.



Because we were able to understand the assets of this brand and its products, we were able to use our expertise to properly position those products to perform optimally. The results speak for themselves.

Results You Won’t Be Able to Miss

"We were just looking at the company bank account and loving all those bombs you're dropping! We are so grateful for your excellent work, you have excelled in every aspect of your job."
— Shannon Drake, Founder of Give Me The Dirt


This makeup brand was already doing quite well on Amazon. We took them to new heights.

Not everyone approaches us with huge Amazon problems for us to solve. In this case, the client was doing well on Amazon--so well in fact that they weren’t being able to develop other sales channels, as Amazon was rightfully monopolizing their attention. They came to us for help and relief, and we were able to take over, easing the burden on their internal team while also dramatically improving their already solid performance.

We immediately set to work auditing and optimizing their account, leveraging the expertise of our team of professional Amazon experts. From September 1 to December 1, 2016, we more than doubled their Amazon sales. In addition, we’ve stabilized their shaky performance in international marketplaces and helped them expand into further markets around the globe.


After hiring us, the owners were able to take their first vacation since launching their company. We’re proud to have eased their burden while improving their results, and we want to do the same for you.

A Partner You Can Count On

"Bobsled Marketing is a great partner. The team is responsive and experienced with all things Amazon, and truly care about driving results for our brand."
— Gerard Nieuwenhuis, Founder of TRNDlabs


Turning a Vendor Central nightmare into a Seller Central success.

This client, a branded manufacturer of small batch spice blends, sauces, and other products, approached us because Vendor Central was driving them crazy. With complaints about the PO process, improperly displayed product listings, and inventory confusion, they wanted to get things sorted out before the opportunities of the holiday season passed them by.

We stepped in and optimized the client’s Vendor Central account, smoothing out the existing processes, and fixing the product listings. Then, we set about to get the client’s new products properly set up on Seller Central. We completed the Seller Central launch in June of 2016, and set the client up to run Amazon PPC on more than 20 different converting keywords per SKU. From August to December of that year, monthly sales went from $4,300 in to $123,000. We were able to get several SKUs onto the Amazon Holiday Gift Guide and Amazon Best Deals sections, driving significant traffic and sales our client’s way.


In a matter of months, we took this brand from no advertising and weak sales to strong advertising and 250% increase in monthly sales. That’s the power of Bobsled.

Trust Earned through Demonstrated Expertise

"We had been putting off the idea of launching our products on Amazon because of the competition in our categories. From my first call with Tom and Kiri I could tell that they had the experience and skills to help us launch our products effectively."
— Tyler Condie, Founder of Rugged Material


We helped a Kickstarter product transition into meaningful Amazon success.

After raising over $800k on Kickstarter, this innovative electronics product was invited to participate in the Amazon Launchpad program, but try as it might, it wasn’t really taking off. Plagued by inventory problems and shallow sales, this brand approached us to help them find a better way. We transitioned them off of Launchpad onto Vendor Express and Seller Central, after discovering the flexibility this client needed to make Amazon work for them. We identified keywords to target, added profitable product variations, and revamped their AMS campaigns, growing sales from essentially 0 to $50k monthly. Perhaps most impressively, we were able to predict and plan for the client’s holiday inventory needs, even with a 50% spike in sales during the season.


With us handling their freshly optimized account, our client is now able to focus on marketing, brand awareness, and research and development on new products. That’s how a good idea becomes a healthy company.

Each Challenge an Opportunity

"I have been really pleased with the Bobsled Marketing team. I knew the project would be a special challenge, but I only have great things to say about the Bobsled Marketing team.”
— Anne Coelen, Director of Marketing, eCommerce at Playboy Enterprises



We audited this client’s Amazon account and found and leveraged significant opportunities to boost their sales.

We begin each client relationship with a comprehensive audit of their Seller or Vendor Central account to diagnose problems but more importantly to identify opportunities to scale their brands. In this case, our client, a manufacturer of a popular wireless listening device marketed toward the hearing-impaired, was leaving money on the table, and we were able to show them exactly how.

The client had previously hired someone off Craigslist and the account was worse for the wear as a result. Heavy ad spending with little results. Unauthorized retailers driving up competition. Negative reviews without responses. Since taking over, those problems have all shrunk or disappeared. More importantly, in our audit, we found ways to improve their product listings and ad campaigns. As a result, our client experienced a 100% increase in sales while maintaining a low ACoS. One specific single Sponsored Products campaign has generated them over $660k in sales since March 2016, with an ACoS of under 4%.



Not only did we dramatically improve their sales, but we boosted their product reviews across the board.

A Proven Process Clearly Communicated

"We have been impressed by Bobsled Marketing's weekly contact and checklists throughout the process, and look forward to growing this business together."  
— Jim Dygas, Owner of Urban Accents


laptop bag.png

We created smarter ad campaigns for this client and got them more sales at a lower cost.

Improperly set up ad campaigns will hurt you in every way, capping your revenue while raising your costs--a recipe for ROI disaster. When we took over for this client, a branded manufacturer of laptop bags and attache cases, we quickly identified and implemented strategies that boosted their sales while reducing their costs.

They were overspending on broad, high-competition, and often irrelevant keywords, and they were bidding on those terms too often, because they had attached no negative keywords to those campaigns. They were paying for too many clicks that didn’t even represent their intended target shoppers. We adjusted their keyword approach, improving both the relevancy of the clicks they were paying for as well as their organic ranking in search results for the right terms. The results? In just one week we cut their ACoS in half.


Higher revenue at half the cost sounds great, right? Well, it’s not out of the ordinary with Bobsled’s experts on the case.

Kind Words from a Valued Client

"Kiri has done an outstanding job helping us out with our Amazon strategy. She’s incredibly thorough, thinks outside the box, and is very detail-oriented. She’s also awesome to work with, which is the most important factor for me!"
— Melonie DeRose, Co-Founder of Fe Fit


We helped this client capitalize on global interest while identifying and removing 400 unauthorized sellers.

This client, a designer and printer of quirky, archive-quality posters, was getting interest in their incredible products from all over the world. The problem? They lacked fulfillment capability anywhere but the US. With Bobsled on your side, that problem becomes an immediate opportunity. We’ve launched brands internationally and we know how to solve the logistical problems that doing so presents.

We matched the client with customs brokers, collaborated with freight forwarders, and set up their accounts on Amazon marketplaces in Canada, the UK, and the EU. With this sort of product, unauthorized sellers are unfortunately rampant and expanding their marketplace made addressing that problem even more important. Luckily, we have plenty of experience handling that as well, and we’re leveraging that experience to remove an 10-15 unauthorized sellers a week.


By hiring Bobsled, this client brought 80+ products to shoppers in 7 new countries, removed hundreds of unauthorized sellers and reduced their internal Amazon burden to essentially nothing. Not bad, but also not unusual.


children toys.png

We rebuilt this client’s Amazon PPC campaigns from scratch and reigned in their out of control spend.

This client sells easy assembly playsets for children, but their PPC campaigns were anything but easy to manage. A convoluted strategy, involving multiple campaigns for single products, was resulting in duplicate costs and their success was isolated within a small subset of the keywords they were paying for. 

We stepped in and rebuilt their campaigns from scratch, housing ad groups within single campaigns for each product, allowing us to exert the control necessary to reduce their costs without harming their sales. In five months, we reduced their ACoS from 60% to 23%, generating 500 clicks daily at a cost of less than $0.03 per click.


We cut their daily spend by 80% while maintaining net revenue. Nothing makes clients happier than free money.





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