Bobsled Marketing is aware that client confidentiality, information security and data integrity is a fundamental requirement when operating in the e-commerce sphere.

As such, we promote a series of corporate information security policies and procedures that guarantees the effective protection of data, assets, and information owned by Bobsled Marketing and of the other companies that we partner with, or provide professional services for.



Security starts with every person at Bobsled Marketing.


Our Team.

Our distributed team is fully aware of the need to protect client and company data from breaches in confidentiality.

Our team is trained to monitor and report suspicious activity, as well as ensure that security policies and procedures are rigorously enforced to protect sensitive information.

Our Practices.


Our practices include the use of several tools and services geared toward securely storing, transferring and monitoring access to the data provided to us by our clients; and we'll only ask clients to provide data that's required for us to properly complete a task on their behalf.

Our team will not reveal the identity of our clients, or release any sensitive information about our clients to any third party.

Client Data.

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Most importantly, our clients will always remain in full control of their account as well as the account permissions granted to our team.

All of our practices fall within Amazon's Terms of Service for Sellers and their partners, and we will never use or recommend use of any practices that can compromise the security or reputation of our clients.

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