Rebuilding PPC from Scratch

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Product Category: Toys & Games


The situation

  • This client was selling a brand of easy-to-assemble play sets for children.

  • They had created a convoluted PPC campaign strategy, including 3-5 campaigns for each product. Campaign duplication was leading to unnecessary added cost.

  • A few keywords were creating a majority of the conversions, and a lack of negative keywords meant their ads were being triggered on irrelevant searches.

How Bobsled Marketing helped

The convoluted nature of this client’s existing campaigns required rebuilding their PPC campaigns from the ground-up.

We created new campaigns for each product, with different ad groups, and created a single auto campaign with all of the items as ad groups. This allowed us to harvest converting search terms and grow each campaign further.

A daily budget cap helped keep the client comfortable, and we leveraged negative keywords and lower bids to bring down advertising costs.

The results

  • Overall number of campaigns was reduced by 60%, simplifying reporting and making it easy to calculate the ROI of PPC spend.

  • Spend on campaigns was reduced significantly from January to May of 2017. Daily spend decreased from over $100 to $20, while maintaining net revenue on these campaigns.

  • At a $20 daily budget, our auto campaign generated more than 500 clicks daily at less than $0.03 per click.

  • We reduced ACoS from more than 60% in January 2017 to a much more sustainable 22.76% by May.

  • By coaching the client on the rationale behind our recommendations, the client now has full transparency and a deeper understanding of how future campaigns should be optimized.


With a proven method in place, we’re now working with the client to expand to Amazon’s European marketplaces and replicate their success in new markets.