Technical tips for attendees


Hi there!

We want to make sure you get the most out of our webinars, so please read these general tips to prepare your computer and devices for optimal webinar experience and make sure you’re all set to meet us live.

General Recommendations

  • Make sure your check your internet connection.
    Ensure a strong and stable connection since you will be attending live.

  • Having trouble seeing / hearing us?
    Try refreshing the page or closing your browser.

  • Try closing down a few tabs that might be slowing you down. Try closing any other program running on your computer that you do not need for this session - these might be consuming bandwidth.

  • We recommend using your desktop or laptop computer instead of your mobile device.


Here are a few recommendations from Webinar Ninja:

  • WebinarNinja is browser-based. It is functional on any desktop or a laptop computer as long as one uses a browser that is up-to-date. Webinar Ninja recommends Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

  • If you have numerous enabled browser extensions or plug-ins, try disabling them.

  • In order to attend the live session, Flash Player must be enabled.

  • If you are using a computer graphics card, the corresponding device driver must be updated.

  • Read this Attendee Guide from the Webinar Ninja website.

Good luck and see you on the other side!

- The Bobsled Team