Casey Sabol, Brand Manager at Myos Rens Technology (MYOS)

When I was introduced to Kiri, I was excited to meet her and we continued to talk over time. I thought Bobsled was a great fit for our brand and we have been so pleased with everything we have been doing with Bobsled so far to grow our brands and really build a foundation. Being able to work with a team that helps us control and watch what’s going on around us so we can really optimize this channel can really set us apart.

— Casey Sabol, Brand Manager at Myos Rens Technology (MYOS)

Love my Bobsled team. I’m a fan who’s hard to keep quiet. We’re in such a competitive category and am inspired by how Noelle dives into data to help us improve. Two “Amazon Choice” banners in the past few months is pretty great!

—Linda Thompson, Olie Biologique

Bobsled Marketing is a great partner. The team is responsive and experienced with all things Amazon, and truly care about driving results for our brand.

— Gerard Nieuwenhuis, Founder of TRNDlabs

"I have been really pleased with the Bobsled Marketing team. I knew the project would be a special challenge, but I only have great things to say about the Bobsled Marketing team."

— Anne Coelen, Director of Marketing, eCommerce at Playboy Enterprises