Vendor Central/Vendor Express Account Launch

(Pre-Launch tasks plus 60 days of account management after your inventory arrives at Amazon)


Who is this service for?

Established consumer brands who have received an invitation to the Vendor Central or Vendor Express programs (includes Amazon Launchpad) and are interested in tapping into a huge new source of revenue through the creation and development of a wholesale relationship with Amazon.

What level of support is Bobsled providing?

Bobsled will oversee all the relevant pre-launch tasks and provide comprehensive account management once your products become available to be sold on Amazon. You ship product to Amazon, we take care of everything else.

Which Amazon marketplaces can Bobsled work across?

Bobsled will launch your product line Amazon's US marketplace ( via your chosen Vendor platform. We can also launch your products simultaneously on Amazon Canada ( or any of the Amazon Europe marketplaces (Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Italy and/or Amazon Spain)

When can I expect the project to start and finish?

At the start of the project Bobsled oversee completion of all the required "pre-launch" tasks such as creating your Amazon Vendor account, building Amazon SEO-friendly product listings and providing assistance with your first test product shipment to Amazon.

Once your inventory arrives at Amazon and is available for purchase we'll commence our 60-day launch program. During this period the Bobsled team will provide comprehensive account management of your Vendor account. We’ll handle all account admin tasks, brand protection and AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) strategy.

Beyond Day 60 we will automatically shift to a month-to-month, cancel anytime agreement. However, there is no obligation for you to continue with Bobsled beyond Day 60.

How will Bobsled work with my team?

We know that developing a successful wholesale relationship with Amazon is a hugely important step for your business. Our approach is methodical and extremely high-touch.
You will be working with three Bobsled team members; a Project Manager (main contact), an Account Assistant (handles all day-to-day account admin tasks) and an Advertising Specialist (responsible for all advertising strategy).

At the start of the project your Bobsled Project Manager will send you a Client Welcome Kit and set up time for a 1-hour project kick-off conference call. During this intro call you'll get to know your Bobsled team and we’ll dive into specifics about our launch strategy.

All day-to-day communication regarding the launch project will take place in a private, invite-only Slack channel (Slack is an online messaging tool). This will allow all relevant members of your team and the Bobsled team to communicate in a single place, eliminating the need for long, confusing email chains about ongoing project deliverables. Throughout the project, we'll respond to any questions or comments you have within 24 business hours within Slack.

Once your inventory arrives at Amazon we'll also send formal weekly reports to you every Thursday. In addition to an overview of all sales and advertising data, our weekly reports contain detailed commentary about the work undertaken by the Bobsled project team over the prior week and what's in the pipeline for the week ahead.

Finally, your Bobsled Project Manager will schedule check-in calls with you on Day 30 and Day 60 of the project. Such calls allow the Bobsled team to update you on any developments occurring within the Amazon marketplace and this insight will help you develop your ongoing strategy behind Day 60.

Why should I partner with Bobsled?

Our team of specialists manage several Vendor accounts generating over $5M in gross sales every month. Read about a Bobsled Vendor account success story here.

What is the price?

A detailed quote will be delivered to you once the Bobsled Sales team has all the relevant details regarding the scope of your planned Amazon launch (number of products to be launched, number of Amazon marketplaces etc).



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CLient case studies


Vendor Express

Our client was selling a WiFi router on Amazon Launchpad without the results hoped for.

We helped the client switch to Vendor Express, optimize listings, reinstate A+ content, and streamline AMS campaigns.


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