Junior Project Manager - Apprentice Position

  • Learn how to launch and grow consumer brands on Amazon

  • 18 month Apprentice position with potential to renew or promote

  • Progressive (stepped) monthly compensation


Bobsled Marketing provides a "done for you" Amazon launch & optimization service for consumer brands.

Our clients are manufacturers, startup hardware brands, and international consumer brands wanting a local partner to help them skip the learning curve of selling on Amazon. We do everything from one-off account audits, to PPC management, to full-scale holistic channel management.


We have a proven Amazon product launch process that we've run for the last 18 months.

Our clients and prospects value the fact that we focus 100% on Amazon, and the deep experience of the team in working in multiple categories and launching brands in international marketplaces (US, Canada, UK, Europe). As such we have attracted very large brands including Playboy to us, all through inbound marketing (blogging, SEO etc), and have a great reputation in the market. If anything, the problem we currently face is having too many prospective clients. That’s why we’re looking for someone who’s highly organized, motivated and entrepreneurial to apprentice in this Project Manager position.


How do you fit in?  

To continue to serve our existing clients, bring on new projects, and explore future growth initiatives, we’re in need of a Junior Project Manager to work directly with our clients.  Your goal is to meet and exceed clients’ Amazon revenue goals through following our existing launch & optimization process, leveraging our team of experts, and identifying & acting on new growth opportunities for clients. There's a lot of growth opportunity at Bobsled Marketing - our first employee was promoted 2 times in less than 12 months! See our team here  http://www.bobsledmarketing.com/team


What will I learn?

We have established processes for launching new brands on Amazon which has proven to work very well. You'll learn all these processes and how they can be customized for specific client situations. This is a golden opportunity for someone who’s considering building a consumer product brand in the future, or someone who’s wanting to learn how to become a freelance marketing or product launch consultant.

Besides the marketing & product launch skills you’ll learn, you’ll also acquire highly transferable soft skills around project management, problem-solving, delegating work to others, and communicating with business owners & senior managers.


Where and when will I work?

We're a 100% virtual company, with staff based primarily in the US & Eastern Europe. You’re free to work wherever in the world that you wish - as long as you have a laptop and fast internet connection, you’re set.

You will need to be available at least between the hours of 9AM - 12PM EST from Monday - Thursday, for scheduled internal meetings, communicating with teammates, meetings with clients, and training. But the rest of your work week can be made up on your own time (this is a full-time position). Note that this timing requirement may be challenging if you’re primarily located in Asia or planning extended travel there.


What skills are needed?

We have very good processes and project delivery infrastructure, and you'll work directly with the Operations Manager for the first 1-2 months while you learn our processes and protocols. There is no previous Amazon or e-commerce experience required. You will, however need to demonstrate a high level of personal organization. Project Managers oversee & are accountable for planning, implementing, and tracking project deliverables. This means you’re naturally highly organized. You were the kid in school with color-coded notes. You’re addicted to using a planner to schedule out your work and personal life.

Here are the other traits we look for at Bobsled Marketing:

1) Curiosity. You want to know why something worked and why another thing didn't. You must be really hungry to learn new skills and how things work.

2) Empathy. Everything we do touches someone: a customer who buys the widget, your client who needs to know that their investment in this new project will pay off, and your team who also want to feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in their jobs.

3) Accountability. Our clients rely on us to be their trusted advisor and help meet their goals. The team relies on each other to get their own work done. "Doing what we say we'll do" is paramount.




  • At least 1 year of project management/coordination or digital marketing experience. This could be professional experience, personal experience with your own projects, or completing a significant self-directed project during school or university.

  • Experience working with internet marketing service or e-commerce focused businesses is preferred, but not required

  • Required: can commit to an 18 month work period, with a 6-month non-solicitation clause (this means you cannot poach our employees or clients within 6 months of leaving the company)

  • Required: Laptop with high speed internet connection

  • Required: Able to work independently, manage lots of small details, be hungry to learn, able to communicate very well with people verbally and in writing, and a "get it done" attitude



  • Progressive monthly wage: $2,500 (first quarter), $2,750 (second quarter), $3,000 (third quarter), $3,250 (fourth quarter), $3,500 (fifth and sixth quarter). Paid in USD

  • Able to work 100% virtually

  • Significant training. You’ll learn the hard stuff - how to launch and grow a brand online through online marketplaces. This could be used to launch your own brand/products in the future, or become a consultant or freelancer yourself.  You’ll also learn the soft skills needed for any entrepreneurial pursuit - project management, communication with a team & clients, and managing others.

  • Flexible hours. If you get all of your work done early so you can take a long weekend off and go travel somewhere new, you can do as you wish. That said, you will be expected to handle around 10 client accounts at a time. As long as you’re self-motivated enough to get your work done, impress your clients and your boss, no-one will be clocking your hours.



Apply, share why you think you're a fit, and we'll determine next steps.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to kiri@bobsledmarketing.com, and make the subject line of your email "Application: Bobsled Marketing Apprentice Project Manager". Tell me 3 reasons why you’re the perfect person for this job, what you’re really bad at (be honest!), and what you’re hoping to get out of this Apprenticeship personally & professionally.